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“When we were doing the experiments, I was just thinking about relating human senses with the robotic modules, the algorithm of how human thinks. Actually hands-on projects and robotic module experiments like Twin engages kids with the physical world rather than digital world but at the same time it teaches how thinking like an algorith works. Twin projects also allow children to experiment with trial and error. They actually learn from their mistakes, and they see the fundamentals theory and practice. It is a critical component to help us win the future.”

Torino Session

“When I first came to this workshop, I was a bit confused, a bit nervous of what was going to happen. But once I got into it, it was a lot of fun and I made a lot of friends and the races were a lot of fun. The instructions were so straightforward, and was really easy and fun to do it.”

“It was fascinating session. I have never done anything like this before while volunteering with RSBC.”

RSBC London Session

“Our aim is to make children explore real-life applications with hands-on experiments rather than forcing them to learn the concepts in the abstract way. Allowing them to discover ways of problem solving using Twin Robotics and Coding Kits actually increase their creativity, unlock their passion for learning and inspire innovation.”

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“It is really beautifully designed, perfect to hand over to anyone and allowing them to see, touch, learn and play at their own speed. This is aided by practical examples and clear instructions in the booklet. It encapsulates interesting and important knowledge that is often so close to us and yet can feel so foreign.”

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