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How to get kids interested in science

Science and children have an organic bond, since children are naturally equipped with a curiosity towards the external world and how things work. The important thing is to nurture this relationship by integrating science into early childhood education, and keeping them interested in science as they grow.  As most parents and educators know, children’s attention […]

Art in STEM Education

Enhancing STEM with the Power of the Arts You may have heard of STEM education before, right? Well, if you haven’t heard, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Though not mentioned in the acronym, the Arts play an important role in a well-rounded STEM education. Adding the ‘A’ to STEM The addition of […]

Double-Winged Learning

What Does Double-Winged Mean at Twin? At Twin Science, our quest is to create the change-makers of tomorrow through STEM education. Being double-winged means that children and individuals are: 1) equipped with STEM competencies and 2) develop social and emotional skills with a strong sense of social responsibility. By growing these two wings, kids will […]

The 6 Best Robot Toys of 2021: Review with Comparison

Modern children, more than previous generations, are interested in advanced technologies and robot toys, and that’s a good thing. Well-designed robot toys help kids develop curiosity, creativity, and collaboration skills while introducing kids to engineering. Are you looking for an effective educational toy? Consider buying a robot. Here is the list of the best robot […]

How to Improve Analytical Thinking

What is analytical thinking? It is a computer like way to solve analytical problems. Why should we think like computers? How can we foster our kids’ analytical thinking? We will look for answers to these questions in this blog. What is analytical thinking? Analytical thinking is built on 4 concepts: abstraction, pattern defining, decomposition and […]

How to manage parent-teacher relationship

How do you think it would be if you had to go to school with a mask on your face in your childhood? Probably most of you will answer this with a clear “No.”. Just like you imagine, kids can be sad and nervous about the new normal period. Making sure that they can get […]

How to Manage Screen Time for Kids

For years, pediatrics supported the idea that children should not be dealing with their computers or phones for more than 2 hours. With the strong integration of technology into our lives, these beliefs are about to change. Although these screens are a big part of kids’ learning, it is still an important responsibility of parents […]

The Ultimate Toy Gift Guide by Age

We all know those toys that are left under the couch for months or do not get out of the closet. For many parents, one of the concerns while purchasing a toy is to understand if their little ones will play with it over and over. Here we gathered toy gift options which we ensure […]