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Putting Education in Educational Apps

Writer: Alpay Sabuncuoğlu Child Computer Interaction Researcher In this article, we have provided a brief interpretation of a thirty-page long research paper. Of course, some information is lost during the summary process. Link to the study will provide access for those who want to learn more about this valuable information: Link We are all trying […]

How can STEM Education be applied in Lessons with Twin Sets?

 TAHA MUTLU | Atabey 75. YIL Middle School Computer and Technology Teacher STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education is an educational approach that includes the integrated teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and covers the whole process from preschool to higher education. Individuals who are raised with this education will adapt to the qualifications […]

What Can Be Done To Overcome School Fear in Children?

CAN TERLER | Karaisalı Atatürk Middle School English Teacher Fear of school is defined as “Resisting school-age child not to go to school, not accepting friends and carrying out behaviors like crying” and according to research, 4 out of 5 children have problems on the first day of school. Starting school for a child is […]

How Should the Habit of Doing Homework for Students Be Gained?

TAHA MUTLU | Atabey 75. Yıl Middle School Science and Technology Teacher Children in school age are avoiding doing homework as much as possible. Doing homework becomes challenging for families as well as children. While the children who come home after an intense history want to evaluate their time with activities such as resting and […]

What is the Place of Technology in Education? 

Technology has an important place in education. Because you can benefit from technology in your studies with different materials, different projects and examples, programs, children can understand the subject better. You might think it would be better for children to see them on a subject, but there is no way you can go there, thanks […]