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Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids & Encouraging to Be Active

Running Kids

Have you ever thought the importance of physical activity in your child’s life may be greater than you think? Daily exercise improves children physically, mentally, and academically. Moreover, it helps the parents to strengthen the family bonds with their children. Why is physical activity important for children? Physical activity and a child’s physical health are […]

A Comprehensive Homeschooling Guide for Parents

Homeschooling Parents

Homeschooling is an alternative educational model adopted around the globe by many families from different backgrounds. In this model, children are educated in their homes by their parents or an instructor instead of being sent to a traditional public or private school. Homeschooling can begin in kindergarten and continue throughout the high-school period. If the […]

Problem Solving Skills & 8 Activities for Kids

Twin Kit, Lego Blocks and children

One of the key tasks of parents and educators is preparing children for life by supporting the development of problem-solving skills. From inconveniences of daily life to abstract academic puzzles and questions, good problem-solving skills are a must-have in different situations.  In this article, we will talk about what we mean by problem-solving skills, why […]

4 Different Learning Styles for Kids

Experiment and Kids

Human minds are amazingly unique and endowed with unique types of learning styles. Finding out the specific type of learning style of your kids can help you understand their needs and talents. This way, you can offer support throughout their education journey for a healthy development. The idea that there are different types of learners […]

6 Fun Mindfulness Activities & Importance in Kids

Mindfulness is a great tool for us adults to find balance in our hectic life – but what about the little ones? Surely you don’t have to talk to children about the deeper, complex philosophical foundations of Buddhist and Hindu teachings. However, there are proven benefits to starting early.  The key is to choose age-appropriate […]

The Importance of STEM Education

In today’s world, the importance of STEM education goes far beyond classrooms, laboratories, and workplaces designated for these branches. Our daily life and relationship with the world are predominantly determined by the insights of STEM. The four letters and the disciplines they represent (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) may seem intimidating. One might think, sceptically, […]

How to Teach Your Children About Climate Change?

By now, climate change is no breaking news — children are already hearing about it and seeing it around them.  As with every difficult subject, developmental psychologists recommend that caretakers and educators should step in to ensure children are learning about climate change in an age-appropriate and factually correct way, while being mindful of their […]

How to get kids interested in science

Science and children have an organic bond, since children are naturally equipped with a curiosity towards the external world and how things work. The important thing is to nurture this relationship by integrating science into early childhood education, and keeping them interested in science as they grow.  As most parents and educators know, children’s attention […]

Short Attention Span in Children – Symptoms and Ways to Improve

The amount of time people can give their undivided attention to a task, or in short ¨attention span¨, can differ with age in children and for some kids, this time span can be quite short. Read further to learn what is ¨attention span¨, how it changes from age to age, what are the symptoms for […]

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