Bring Effective STEAM Learning into the Classroom

Our products have reached 1.200 schools and 400.000 children. They are available at 35 sales channels. Our robotics kit also won one of the most prestigious education awards BETT Awards 2020 for Special Educational Needs Solutions.


Skill-based development for students. Uses hands-on challenges, quiz, video and gamification features.


Constructive play with Robotics, Coding, Aviation, Art, Curiosity and Autonomous Vehicle Kits.


Twin’s Code Lab can be integrated to clasroom smart boards for Scratch based coding.


Robotics, coding and AI contents integrated with universal values.

Why Learn With Twin?

Children learn about the world with creative and imaginative play. They interact, react, and try different roles to discover their passions and bring out unique talents. With Twin any kid can unleash any talent.



Asking questions and discovering answers transforms passive learning process into active learning process.


Ingenuity & Creativity

Trying new ways of doing things, and experimenting help develop critical thinking in children.


Constructive Play

Building and designing hands-on projects with Twin kits increases attention span and improves motor skills.

“Really excited to see whats going on a Twin Science Workshop. The children are all buzzing. They are all really excited of what they are doing. I think this is the future.”

Magoo Giles | Founder & Principal of Knightbridges School

Knightbridges School

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Yakup Ateş | Educational Sales Executive

Hi, I am Yakup from Twin Science team. If you have specific needs or questions about how to implement Twin in your classroom, feel free to contact me.

Twin Kits and Applications

⚡  Twin is a next generation ed-tech platform. We help kids discover their talents and gain 21. century skills.
⚡  We believe children must be confident about future jobs by gaining the right competencies. But, competency alone is not enough. They should also gain universal values to build a better future.
⚡  That’s why we designed a double-winged STEAM approach. Values like empathy, collaboration, social justice, equality are integrated wisely into our curriculum.
⚡  We are empowering and encouraging kids to help them solve environmental, social and economic challenges of the 21st century.