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Twin School offers subscription-based STEM education with Twin Kits & App for a brighter future. For ages 8-11.

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Interdisciplinary. Skill-based. Hands-on. Safe.

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Why Twin School?

Shaped by insight

Our content represents the insight we gained with our field work with 20,000+ children since 2010.

STEM4Good approach

We strive to use STEM for the benefit of our world and inspire children to do the same.


We encourage children to actively think, stay curious and keep questioning to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges and jobs.

What the Twin Community says

The Morris Family

Twinner Parent

Prof Ger Graus OBE

Strategic Advisor, Twin

Colin Smith

Director of Partnerships, Marlborough College


Twinner, Twin Advisory Board

Our reach

Following through on our promise to use STEM “4good”

For every Twin products purchased, we gift a Premium subscription to a child from an economically disadvantaged background. Thus, every child has a learning “twin”.