Twin Raises Competent & Compassionate Children and Future Leaders!

We believe that science is not only a matter of the brain but also a matter of the heart. Along with receiving a STEM+A education and gaining 21st century skills, children also need to learn social awareness, understand what responsible decision making is, exercise their conscience, and most importantly, consider the collective wellbeing of society.

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Our Journey

Twin was founded in 2017 by our co-founders who met while working at an NGO called Young Guru Academy. They travelled the world delivering educational workshops, developing science programs, mentoring children, and even running a scientific TV show on CNN!

Our co-founders saw that the way we were educating our children was letting them down. It was monotonous, one-size-fits-all, and incomplete. When it came to understanding the intricacies of technology, traditional education failed to stress the need for compassion and technological advancement to go hand in hand.

Upon this realization, they founded Twin to develop a new type of learning that is playful, individualized, and wholesome! Their goal was to teach children the power of technology, empathy, and collaboration.

Today, children around the world use Twin’s mobile app, science kits, and curriculum of playful lessons to grow their confidence, interests, and STEAM skills. Our approach encourages children to solve environmental, social and economic challenges of the 21st century.



Our Co-Founders

A top-notch team with a vast and diverse experience alligned to transform education!

Asude Altintas
Chief Executive Officer
● Former President of YGA
(5 years)
● Led GSMA (2x), Forbes (2x), Edison Awards, Great Place to Work (2x), UN (2x) Awarded Tech Projects
Cihan Ozalevli
Chief Content Officer
● Designed Turkey’s First Floating Solar Panel Systems
● MIT Innovators Under 35, Forbes 30 Innovators Under 30
Mustafa Sapcili
Chief Technology Officer
● Hybrid Engineer (Software & Hardware)
● 1X Entrepreneur (E-Marka)
Omer Gorgulu
Chief Growth Officer
● Led the Financial Transformation of YGA
● Initiated YGA Ventures Organization


Our collaboration with leading global partners provide the best
opportunity for expanding STEM+A access for all.

Education Partners
Business Partners
Impacts Partners

Our TV Show On CNN

Hosted by our co-founders, Twin's science show on CNN Turk is an exciting fourteen-episode series that explores the science behind everyday phenomena. From the chemistry behind burning down calories to the physics behind a gyroscope, each episode takes an in-depth look at an intriguing scientific topic with famous celebrity guests

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Advisory Board

World-renowned educators and scientists bring their expertise to ensure that
Twin's products provide the highest quality learning experience for children.

Prof. Ger
Graus OBE
KidZania, Global Educational Director
Dr. Sunday
Imperial College, STEM Programmes Director
Dr. Canan
University College
London, AI Education
Lee Daley
Hello Genius
Dr. Meryl Batchelder
UN Accredited Sustainability Teacher
Prof. Mehmet
Harvard & MIT, Researcher

No curious mind
should be left behind!

We provide equal opportunity for children. So far, we have reached over 571,000 underprivileged children in Turkey, UK, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya in the scope of the World Science Movement.

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