Twin is a fun and educational robotics and coding kit that enhances your child’s imagination.


Consists of electronic modules coupled with magnets.


In this way, children can easily produce state-of-the-art technology such as robots and autonomous cars with Twin modules.

Twin’s Effects On Children


It helps robotic coding and STEM education, which are the requirements of the 21st century.


They help children to be ready for the professions of the future at an early age. It helps them realize their own dreams.


Improves creative thinking abilities and manual skills.


Let’s Take a Look At The Twin Sets

You can find all the basic features needed to understand the basics of computer programming and develop coding skills in the Twin Robotic Coding Set

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It is a multipurpose STEM education set that provides children with all the basic information necessary to discover the basics and how they work in everyday life. Children can easily start experimenting and building projects with set modules.

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It is a STEM Education set designed to develop children’s imagination and artistic abilities by  bringing art and science together. Children can start to design their own art works and build robotic projects with handicraft materials and robotic modules.

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The Social Impact of Twin🤩

Twin is a YGA start-up. The Movement of Science is a social responsibility project initiated by YGA to make children love science.

Within the scope of the Science Movement project, which was implemented with the contributions of the Ministry of National Education; needy schools in villages all over Turkey Science describing the latest technologies Twin Sets are sent.

In this way, children learn science with fun and gain a scientific perspective.

Each Twin Science Set helps a child in need meet science.

Sustainable Education with Twin 🤩


As YGA and Twin, we work in line with the United Nations Development Goals. While eliminating inequalities in education with science sessions in domestic and national technologies, Twin Science, which is developed by engineers, brings science and technology together to future generations to support quality education. We organize trainings and workshops in different disciplines for children who are the future of national development.