About Twin Sets

Social Impact

What is Science Movement?

 Science Movement Project’s main purpose is delivering the latest tecnology to the most disadvanteges regions of Turkey. It is aimed to raise self-confident individuals who think freely, produce original projects.

With this project, children growing up with science will have the most important role in the growth and development of our country by showing the courage to be self-confident professionals, entrepreneurs and investors in our future.

Twin's Social Impact

In the Science Movement program, science sessions are organized with disadvantaged children every week, and the children are aimed to become self-confident individuals by conducting unique experiments with Twin science sets. You can also give a scholarship to a child in need. With the science scholarship you provide, Twin science kits are sent to a science teacher at a disadvantaged school.

Customer Experience


My son has always loved legos, and this allowed him to take the complexity and creativity to a whole new level. The fact that these kits allowed for multiple projects was great and provided hours of fun and exploration. Plus it opened up a whole new world of electronics.

Dorothy Robinson

My son absolutely loves this. He has built so many things with this that have just fascinated me. What an awesome invention to inspire children to invent. It was a great experience for both of us.

Taylor Evans

My daughter & I love Twin and enjoy spending time on their Twing app,blog and youtube channel. Lots of different project can be reached by these channels. My daughter learns something new every day. Kepp up be awesome!

Kim Ryan

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