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Children can playfully engage with 300+ DIY projects, STEM games, bite-sized interactive videos and more...

Twin Mobile Application

Twin mobile application is an educational platform for children that provides interactive content, games, challenges, and trivia quizzes. It is designed to help children explore and learn about STEM-based sustainability topics in an engaging and fun way. Twin also encourages creativity and hands-on experimentation through its activities.

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Twin STEM Kits

With fun and educational robotics kits, children can design, build, and play with their own hands-on projects. Each kit contains different components and activities, ranging from art to Artificial Intelligence. With Twin STEM Kits, children can learn how to build robots, write code, and prototype inventions that work in the real world.

Skill Report For Parents

We provide comprehensive insight to parents, which illustrate the learning outcomes, skill development progress, and areas of interest for children. Reports parents understand the child's performance in the Twin app, and provides them with actionable information to help guide their learning.

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