Ready-made solutions for design & technology class

Curriculum-alligned STEM-based sustainability education for KS-2 primary schools.

STEM-Based Solutions

Our innovative and engaging educational products provide a flexible, customized approach to foster competency and compassion in children.

Make your school a leader in future-ready education

Educator Portal

Access curriculum-aligned lesson plans, resources and skill reports of your students.

Student App

Students follow up sustainability & environmental education content.


Children prototype robotics & coding projects with electronic modules.

Teacher Platform

  • Summarises all the information to help track your students.
  • Access curriculum-aligned, lesson plans and resources
  • Progress and skill reports of your students
  • Use any available content module according to your students’ pace.
  • Ready-to-use warm-up ideas to engage your students

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Student App

  • Eliminates the need of pushing students for learning
  • Creates an organic gamified experience
  • Helps children develop social and emotional skills*
  • Enables students to be involved at their own pace
  • Supports teacher to reduce unnecessary effort

*World Economic Forum


  • Supportive to the Twin app with hands-on projects
  • Comes with all the necessary instructions
  • Easy & safe usage with minimal supervision
  • Compatible with LEGO® building blocks
  • Adaptable with Raspberry Pi & Arduino