Store Disclaimer

1. The Twin store consists of the gifts found within the Twin mobile app. To win a gift from the Twin store, Twin Coins need to be collected from the app. With the collected Twin Coins, purchases can be made from the Twin Store. E-gift cards won using different Twin accounts are not sent to the same email addresses in bulk.

2. An e-gift card is sent via e-mail after selecting a gift. By using the e-gift card, the gift can be acquired by the user from the e-commerce site. The e-gift card does not cover the shipping costs. The purchase of the product and the shipping process is the user’s responsibility. Gift cards are created over that days price of the selected product. In the situation of a possible discount on the product in the upcoming days, user should not make any refund. If the price increases in the upcoming days it is the responsibility of the user.

3. After a gift is won, the Twin team proceeds to inform the user via the online help line within the app and by email. The email address and the country origin of the e-commerce site in which the gift product will be provided and the email account to which the e-gift card will be sent to is identified. The e-gift card information is sent to the identified email address within 15 business days.

4. The aim of the Twin mobile app is not to promote the collection of Twin Coins to make purchases or to sell the user products. No profit is made through the Twin Store. The products and amounts of coins can be different depending on if the app membership is Free or Premium.

5. The Twin Store is a gift opportunity offered by Twin to children who are discovering the different fields of STEM within the app, have knowledge in different fields and who are developing themselves.

6. Twin Coin does not fall under the cryptocurrency asset class. There is no monetary equivalent of Twin Coin.

7. The coin values of the products in the Twin Store do not reflect the actual prices of the products. Twin has the right to change the coin values of the gifts whenever it is desired, on campaign dates or on special dates.

8. Gifts, once selected, can not be exchanged for other products and there are no refunds on spent Twin Coins.

9. The amount of Twin Coins collected after completing activities in the Twin app may change periodically and functionally.

10. Twin reserves the right to make changes to the available gifts and the stocks in the Twin Store at any desired moment.

11. Changes may occur in the number of available gifts and in the contents of the gifts in the Twin Store.

12. If the gifts arrive faulty or damaged, the user must get in contact with the e-commerce website from which the purchase was made.

13. Robux codes are bought box-fresh and sent by Twin from scratch. The codes that are sent are not previously used. You can contact to Roblox Support for problems occuring during the redeeming process.