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Let’s equip kids with the tools and knowledge they need to overcome tomorrow’s biggest battles!

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Houston, we have a problem…

Our education system needs a rethink. Right now it’s monotonous, one-sizes-fits-all, and incomplete.
It’s time for change… Time for learning which is playful, individual, and wholesome. It’s time for Twin!

Our Story

Twin began in 2017 after our four co-founders had met working at an NGO called Young Guru Academy. They had travelled the world delivering educational workshops, developing science programs approved by Ministries of National education, mentoring children, and even running a science TV show for CNN.

Our founders saw that the way we were teaching our children was letting them down. It was monotonous, one-sizes-fits-all, and incomplete. And when it came to learning about technology, teaching didn’t stress the importance of both advancement and human compassion.

So they set up Twin to develop a new type of learning which is playful, individual, and wholesome. And to teach children about the power of technology, empathy, and collaboration.

Today, kids around the world use Twin’s mobile app, science kits, and curriculum of playful lessons to grow their confidence, interests, and STEAM skills. We’re creating the change-makers of tomorrow. You in?

Supported by the best

We’ve developed Twin with the leading institutions, universities, and educators in the world. Our combined knowledge gives kids access to first-rate future skills in a way that’s fun.

Sunday Popola

Imperial College London

Canan Blake

University College London

Mehmet Toner

Harvard & MIT

Sevinç Atabay

TED College

Doğan Cüceloğlu

University Of Illinois

Mutlu Çukurova

University College London

We believe in the power of learning

That’s why, through our Impact Program, for every Twin Kit you purchase we give economically disadvantaged children across the world better access to STEAM skills.
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Our product, company, and team has already been recognised for their hard work.