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Robotics & Coding Pack

Enhances technological skills, including robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence.

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Robotics & Coding School Pack

Empower students with hands-on experience in robotics, coding, and artificial intelligence.

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Support Learning at Home

Ages 5-12
  • Price: $ 121.98
  • Skill: Programming, Creativity
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Ages 5-8
  • Price: $ 54.99
  • Skill: Creativity, Scientific Thinking
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Ages 7-10
  • Price: $ 89.99
  • Skill: Engineering, Creative Thinking
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Ages 9-12
  • Price: $ 84.99
  • Skill: Engineering, Creative Thinking
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Ages 11-14
  • Price: $ 299.99
  • Skill: AI & Robotics, Problem solving
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Twin Science Robotics and Coding Kit Products

With Twin Science, young inventors are immersed into the world of robotics and coding!

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Everyone who regularly spends time with children and young people knows that topics such as coding, software, and robotics have been very popular for the last ten years. The adults of the future, a future shaped by artificial intelligence and robotic technologies, are today's children. A good STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education is a must to walk firmly into the future!

The science kits from Twin Science, from beginner to advanced levels, will be with your child at every step of their coding and robotic learning journey. These coding kits, where they can learn the basics of robotic technologies with fun experiments, are based on Arduino technology and allow your child to do numerous experiments and projects with LEGO™ compatible modules. These sets have many benefits beyond learning coding and laying the foundations of STEM. The fact that children acquire 21st century skills is one of the biggest advantages of Twin sets. Children can solve the problems they encounter in daily life by gaining creative problem solving skills with Twin Science kit. The only limit for young inventors is their imagination. Children can discover the world of robotics and coding from the age of 6 in this structure, which is designed in the concept of coding games and supported by phone and computer applications. What is not to love with these science kits? With the Robotic Art Kit prepared for the beginner level, your child can explore the world of art and robotics together. Or does your child have an interest in aviation? If so, they can discover all the basics of aviation with the Aviation Kit ! Children will have a lot of fun with this STEM education set , too! They will start easily designing aviation experiments with electronic set modules and building projects with materials consisting of wood and sponge. Autonomous technologies were also considered when designing these Twin kits! With the Twin Autonomous Vehicle Kit , children and young people aged 8-14 will learn about artificial intelligence and driverless vehicle technologies. With the Twin Coding Kit , one of the most popular sets of Twin, it is now very easy to learn coding for children! All the basic features needed to understand the basics of computer programming and improve coding skills are included in this comprehensive coding set. The Twin Coding Module from the set is an Arduino based development board. With this set, your child learns by experimenting that computers work just like brains!

For children aged 7-10, the Twin Inventor Kit teaches the basics of technologies used in daily life! In this mid-level STEM entry set, robotic projects are designed with electronic modules. You can get the two best selling Twin packages by purchasing the back to school package! Twin Science Kits are perfect for you if you are looking for a gift idea for the child in your life! For example, you will come across many things when looking for 6-year-old toy ideas, but what could be a more precious gift for your child than to learn with fun toys by experimenting with art and science? If you are looking for a toy gift for the age of 7, maybe the Twin Inventor Kit is the ideal gift for the young inventor in your life! This is also a very popular 8 year old and 9 year old toy idea. As a 10 year old gift idea, we recommend the Twin Autonomous Vehicle Kit, Twin Coding Kit and Twin Aviation Kit: These kits will be great gifts for 10 years old, 11 years old, 12 years old, 13 years old and 14 years old children.

Give an unforgettable gift to the young person in your life with these LEGO™ compatible electronic modules combined with magnets. Robotics and autonomous vehicle technologies can be experienced by children with these kits! With Twin, children will master 21st century skills such as creative thinking, manual dexterity and imagination. They will learn science with games with the help of tools such as a bell module, ultrasonic sensor, jumper cable, servo motor, coding module in the kits! The Twin kits, which liberate their minds by offering them original experiments to raise self-confident children, will foster children's curiosity and show them how easy and understandable science actually is. Moreover, with each Twin kit you purchase, you help to send Twin kits to village schools within the scope of the Global Science Movement project implemented in cooperation with YGA! Buy a Twin kit today and support the growth of the Global Science Movement. Give the young inventor in your life the gift of learning.