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LetsLocalise and Twin Partners to Elevate STEM for Sustainability!

Index: About the Partnership In this blog post, we are excited to announce the partnership between Twin Science and LetsLocalise to support STEM education for sustainability in schools. Both companies share a common goal of creating positive social impact through education and community engagement. Through this partnership, Twin Science’s innovative STEM kits and mobile app […]

St Mary’s School Pioneers STEM For Sustainability

by Marcus Culverwell, Headteacher at St Mary’s If we are not teaching the rising generation about the big social, ethical and environmental issues that they will face in the 21st century, then we are failing them badly. I have been in education for 30 years and it still amazes me how few educators really understand […]

How does Twin’s work fit in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

TEDx Santa Barbara: Bringing Heart to Science Education In Making Waves Conversations by Mark Sylvester To listen all the conversation click here! Mark Sylvester: So let’s, I’m gonna dig into something you said right at the end there with the sustainability development, the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations. Tell me how that work […]

Science in Braille Workshop at United Nations Headquarters

By Cemil Cihan Ozalevli, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer at Twin Science “We are very proud of you. You created a system to give something for the kids to give them the possibility to create. That’s really fantastic. You are redesigning thinking to achieve a sustainable future.” Csaba Kőrösi, President of UN General Assembly We […]

Meet the Future Role Model Sustainability Engineer!

I am Ilkim, and I am 12 years old. I attend Secondary School, which is grade 7. The educational process has developed differently in comparison to other generations. Especially due to the pandemic in 2020, technology has become increasingly more important in our lives. It has allowed us to continue to develop our education, social […]

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