How to Make a Sun Model

About the Sun


The Sun, situated at the heart of our Solar System, radiates light and energy essential for life on Earth. Without the Sun’s potent energy, life as we know it would not exist.

Just as Earth is composed of various layers, the Sun also possesses distinct layers, although it’s important to note that the Sun is entirely gaseous with no solid surface. These layers exhibit unique traits and are assigned specific names. This project is a great way to visualize and learn the name of the layers! After your project, go a step further and go on Twin App‘s learning adventure titled “Harness the Sun” and start researching about the Sun on your own and become an expert!

Materials Required

  • Play-Doh in red, orange, light orange, dark yellow, yellow, and white (you can make you own Play Dough by watching this DIY video here).
  • Knife x1
  • Adult Supervision

How-To Steps (With Videos)

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions (with videos) to create a simple sun model. Have a look!

Step 1: Collect all the materials you’ll need for the project.

Step 2: Wrap your coloured play dough around each other in the following order: Red (center/core), orange, dark yellow, yellow, and white.

Step 3: Under adult supervision, cut your model sun in half and observe the layers of the Sun.

As an added bonus you can label the layers of the sun by sticking tooth picks with a piece of paper glued to the end and labeling them as such from the inside out:

  • Core
  • Radiative zone
  • Convention zone
  • Photosphere
  • Chromosphere
  • Corona

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Read more about the Sun or download the Twin App and complete the Harness the Sun adventure! Watch the trailer here:

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Sarah Evans 🖋️
Science Teacher

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