Pioneering STEM for Sustainability at HundrED Innovation Summit

Stepping into the HundrED Global Collection 2024 as Twin Science & Robotics’ co-founder was more than an honor; it was a moment of reflection on our unwavering mission. Our dedication to intertwining STEAM with sustainability was recognized globally, validating our efforts to prepare young minds for a future where they lead with innovation and compassion. This recognition is not just for Twin Science & Robotics but for every educator and student who believes in the transformative power of education.

In this post, I’ll take you through our alignment with HundrED’s mission, approach to STEAM education, and shared vision for a sustainable future.

Identifying the Educational Imperative

Our mission at Twin Science & Robotics is rooted in the belief that education needs to evolve. We face a world where traditional educational methods are losing their efficacy, and the urgency of sustainability must be addressed. Our work, recognized by HundrED, addresses this by embedding critical thinking, creativity, and environmental stewardship into the fabric of our STEAM curriculum.

The Need for Agile Education Systems

In educational innovation, a stark contrast emerges when comparing traditional systems to the dynamic nature of nonprofits, where approximately 75% of innovations occur. Traditional education, often likened to a drogher, lacks agility and the ability to navigate the open seas of modern challenges. It remains anchored, needing help to adapt quickly to the changing needs of society. Today’s world demands more than problem solvers; it requires critical thinkers capable of identifying pertinent issues and responsible decision-makers prioritizing sustainable living over excessive consumption.

The HundrED Model: A Reflection of Our Journey

I’ve observed how HundrED’s model, focusing on identifying and scaling impactful innovations, mirrors our journey. Twin Science emerged from a deep understanding that the future of education lies in integrating STEM with humanitarian values and sustainability. This alignment is a testament to our shared mission with HundrED.

HundrED’s framework emphasizes identifying transformative educational practices and ensuring they reach a wider audience. This resonates with our approach at Twin Science, where we strive to create tools that are not just educational but also serve as catalysts for societal change. Our AI-powered lesson plans and hands-on kits embody this vision, aiming to transform passive learning into an active process of exploration and problem-solving.

Our journey parallels HundrED’s mission in several ways. Firstly, our innovation in education reflects HundrED’s commitment to finding scalable and impactful educational methods. We both recognize the need for a shift in traditional teaching methodologies, embracing a more holistic and student-centered approach. Our AI-powered teacher platform and gamified student app are prime examples of this, blending technology with pedagogy to create an engaging and practical learning experience.

Secondly, just as HundrED aims to amplify innovative solutions for a global audience, Twin Science & Robotics has expanded its reach to various countries, impacting over 750,000 students. Our international presence underscores our commitment to making quality education accessible to all, irrespective of geographical boundaries. HundrED’s model of scalability and impact aligns with our goal of reaching every child, offering them the tools to become change-makers in their communities.

Lastly, the HundrED model champions collaboration and community-building, values we hold dear at Twin Science. We believe in the power of partnership and community engagement to drive educational innovation. Our collaborations with educators, parents, and students are crucial in refining our offerings and ensuring they remain relevant and practical.

In summary, HundrED’s model reflects our journey at Twin Science & Robotics. Our shared values and objectives underscore our commitment to revolutionizing education through innovative, scalable, and impactful solutions. We are honored to be part of the HundrED community and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to reshape education for a sustainable future.

The ‘Why’ Behind Our Innovation

Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ model, as presented by HundrED, encapsulates the essence of our approach—start with ‘Why.’ ‘Why’ signifies our commitment to every child’s flourishing. Our ‘How’ involves harnessing a community of educators and parents to bring our ‘What’—Twin’s innovative STEAM solutions—to life. This model is a blueprint for our actions and reaffirms our goal to inspire children to become empathetic leaders and innovators.

To make a difference truly, we must start with a vital purpose, a compelling reason that propels us forward. For Twin, this purpose is clear – to empower every child to flourish and become an agent of change in a rapidly evolving world.

Our ‘Why’ is rooted in the belief that education should be more than just an accumulation of knowledge. It should be a transformative experience that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and empathy. This ethos led us to develop innovative STEM solutions to meaningfully inspire and engage young minds. Through our interactive digital app and hands-on kits, we aim to provide children with a holistic learning experience that blends scientific knowledge with humanitarian values.

Moreover, our ‘Why’ aligns perfectly with HundrED’s mission of transforming education. Like HundrED, we recognize the need for educational models that are adaptable, impactful, and scalable. By focusing on ‘Why,’ we ensure that our innovations are technologically advanced and culturally and socially relevant. This alignment with HundrED’s vision strengthens our resolve to create educational experiences that are intellectually stimulating and emotionally and socially enriching.

Diverse Perspectives on Education’s Future

Educational philosophies vary significantly—some advocate for a universal, standardized approach, emphasizing the urgency of addressing global educational needs. In contrast, others argue for a more contextualized, localized education system tailored to the unique needs of different communities. At Twin Science & Robotics, we champion a values and skills-based education system, focusing on the personalized learning journey of each child. Our approach places cognitive, social, and emotional learning skills at the forefront, showcasing common global challenges like climate change and pollution. Though these issues vary in impact across regions, they universally affect us.

Amplifying Our Core Values: Keywords of Change

In educational innovation, keywords often serve as beacons, guiding the direction of progress. At Twin Science & Robotics, specific keywords resonate with our core values, echoing through our every initiative. These keywords – ‘critical thinking,’ ‘sustainability,’ ‘compassion,’ and ‘professional development’ – are not mere buzzwords; they are the pillars upon which we build our educational philosophy.

Our commitment to these values is reflected in our collaboration with HundrED. The HundrED community’s focus on similar values reinforces our belief in the transformative power of education. Critical thinking lies at the core of our approach, encouraging students to question, analyze, and innovate. Sustainability is another critical area, guiding us to design solutions that educate and inspire students to become stewards of the planet.

Compassion is integral to our mission, as empathy should be a cornerstone of education. It’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about nurturing kind, considerate, and socially responsible individuals. Professional development for educators is equally crucial, as it ensures that the facilitators of learning are equipped with the latest tools and methodologies.

The presence of these keywords in HundrED’s innovation trends validates our direction. It serves as a reminder that our mission aligns with a global movement towards more holistic, inclusive, and forward-thinking education. By amplifying these core values, we contribute to the educational discourse and take active steps toward shaping a future where education is the foundation of a better, more sustainable world.

Fostering a Sustainable Future Through Education

Our hope is bolstered by observing that many selected innovations at HundrED 2024 echo our commitment to sustainability. This trend is heartening, and we aspire to see more organizations join this mission for a sustainable future. The need for sustainable education transcends geographical boundaries, as issues like air and plastic pollution impact every individual, regardless of location.

Bridging the Gap with Hands-On & A Blend of Digital and Physical Solutions

Our response to the educational challenge is hands-on, engaging, and digitally integrated. We provide tools for children to learn and apply their knowledge in ways that benefit our planet. This approach is creating a new paradigm in education, one where sustainability and technology meet, preparing our students for the green jobs of the future.

Empowering Educators for the Future

A significant focus at Twin Science & Robotics is the professional development of educators. Recognizing teachers as pivotal in the learning process, Twin serves as a digital assistant, offering engaging and beneficial solutions for both students and teachers. Our platform empowers educational organizations, enabling them to impact schools most effectively. By bridging cutting-edge educational innovations with children, Twin sets the stage for a more informed, capable, and sustainable future.

Realizing the Impact

The HundrED recognition is a testament to the positive change we are fostering. Our programs ignite a passion for learning and innovation in over 750,000 children across multiple countries. The benefits of our approach are clear: heightened academic engagement, enhanced problem-solving skills, and a new generation of students empowered to make sustainable choices.

Twin’s Role in Transforming Education

Twin Science & Robotics is a comprehensive platform that equips educational entities to make a profound impact. By connecting the best educational innovations with students worldwide, Twin is not just an educational tool; it’s a bridge that brings transformative learning experiences directly to classrooms. This approach ensures that the potential of every child is unlocked, aligning with our vision of a world where education is the cornerstone of sustainable development and innovation.


Our recognition at HundrED Global Collection 2024 is more than an honor; it reflects our commitment to empowering the next generation through STEAM education. It underscores our belief that we can prepare children to adapt to the future and shape it with the right tools and approach. Join us on this journey, and let’s make education the foundation of a sustainable, innovative, and equitable world. Together, we can foster a generation of learners who are not only tech-savvy but also profoundly attuned to the health of our planet.

Cihan Ozalevli

Co-founder & CLO

Twin Science & Robotics

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