Twin & Boeing Impact Partnership

In a collaborative effort to inspire young minds and cultivate a passion for aviation, Young Guru Academy, Twin Science, and Boeing have joined forces to create an innovative partnership. This groundbreaking initiative aims to introduce students to the world of aviation, fostering curiosity and providing them with the tools and knowledge to explore the principles of flight. Through a combination of hands-on learning experiences, digital classrooms, and aviation kits, Twin Science and Boeing are empowering the next generation of aerospace enthusiasts.

Why Boeing Preferred Twin Products?

Boeing, a leading global aerospace company, recognizes the importance of STEM education in nurturing future talent for the aviation industry. With a shared vision of promoting innovative learning experiences, Boeing has chosen Twin Science as a trusted partner.

Twin Science offers cutting-edge STEM products and a wealth of expertise in creating engaging educational resources. This partnership enables Boeing to leverage Twin Science’s proven track record in delivering high-quality STEM education, ensuring an impactful and enriching STEM-based aviation program for students.

What is Young Guru Academy (YGA)?

Young Guru Academy (YGA) is an international NGO and leadership school founded in Turkey. With a focus on empowering youth through education and mentorship, YGA has been instrumental in transforming lives and nurturing young talents. YGA’s commitment to fostering double-winged, competent & compassionate individuals aligns perfectly with the objectives of the Twin Science and Boeing partnership. Through their network of volunteers and partnerships with esteemed institutions, YGA brings expertise and guidance to educational initiatives, ensuring their impact reaches far and wide.

Importance of Partnering for Impact in Education

Collaborative partnerships in education have the power to amplify impact and drive meaningful change. By combining the resources, expertise, and shared goals of Twin Science, Boeing, and YGA, this partnership is poised to make a significant difference in aviation education. Together, we can reach more students, provide comprehensive educational resources, and create a sustainable framework that nurtures curiosity, knowledge, and skill development.

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“I think we were able to attract the young generation’s attention to the aerospace sector. It is not only about bringing pieces together and making an aircraft. It’s about the science behind it. We appreciate YGA’s & Twin’s vision and the wonderful partnership we created together. My hope and dream is to expand this project beyond Turkey.”

Aysem Sargin
Managing Director at Boeing Turkey

Scope of the Partnership

The partnership between Twin Science and Boeing focuses on developing and implementing an aviation education program called “Fly with Science.” This program aims to introduce students aged 10 to 14 to aeroplanes’ basic parts and principles, sparking their interest and nurturing their passion for aviation.

The core component of the program is the Twin Aviation Kit, which includes electronic modules, materials, and a curriculum designed to engage students in hands-on learning experiences related to aviation. Additionally, a Twin Digital Aviation Classroom provided students with animated videos, quizzes, challenges, and stories to deepen their understanding and enthusiasm for aviation.

The Impact of the Partnership

Through this partnership, Twin Science and Boeing are making a lasting impact on students and the aviation industry. By delivering the Twin Aviation STEM kits to underprivileged schools and providing online training to teachers, the program reaches remote areas and ensures equal opportunities for children to access quality STEM education.

The engaging and comprehensive curriculum, combined with the hands-on aviation kits, inspires students to explore the science behind flight, igniting their curiosity and encouraging them to pursue careers in aviation and related fields.

Education Initiatives and the Power of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Twin Science, we deeply understand the transformative power of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when it comes to education. Our partnerships with esteemed companies reflect our unwavering commitment to CSR projects that have a profound impact on the educational landscape. These collaborative efforts serve as shining examples of how corporations can actively contribute to fostering education equality and nurturing the potential of future generations. Through these meaningful partnerships, we have successfully implemented a diverse range of CSR initiatives, with a particular focus on STEM education, aviation education, and sustainable education. These programs not only offer valuable learning experiences but also strive to bridge the educational divide, ensuring that every child has equal access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive.


The Twin Science and Boeing partnership exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration in education. By combining expertise, resources, and a shared vision, Twin Science, Boeing, and YGA are shaping the future of aviation education and inspiring the next generation of aerospace leaders.

Through hands-on learning experiences, digital resources, and a commitment to equal access, this partnership is fueling the curiosity and aspirations of young minds, ensuring a brighter future for the aviation industry and society as a whole.

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