10 Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for some quality time activities for you and your kids? Correct spot! We have 10 great suggestions from variety of fields!

1) Try a new activity everyday with Twing App.

Twing prepares unique journeys including hundreds of activities for kids. They can discover their talents, design infinite number of projects or go for an adventure. With 138 skills and 6 different character journeys, they can develop themselves in their favorite fields. New activities are introduced each week so that they can go beyond their imagination.

2) Prepare the lunch box and go for a picnic.

Kids can get ready for challenges of the world this summer. Prepare a fruit salad or sandwich together and go for a picnic in the closest park. Do not forget to talk about your life because sharing is caring. Tell them about your childhood and teach them the games you used to play. What about hide and seek?

3) Travel around the world with Piri App.

Traveling with the family is another level of joy. It would be great to discover new places while listening the stories of them together. Let us introduce you Piri. Piri is a self guided auto tour app having lots of routes waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the ride!

4) Go camping for one night.

A camp includes many other activities in it. While strengthening family bonds, you get the chance to discover nature and get some fresh air. You can watch a movie in the tent or observe the stars all together. Do you know which one is Ursa Major?

5) Feed the stray animals.

Summer days are going quite warm and stray animals need food and water more than any time. Caring about others is an important lesson in life. This way, your children grow up to socially responsible adults.

6) Grow a plant.

Teach your kids to love other living things. Plants are also a big part of this nature as well as animals. Growing a plant is the easiest and cheapest contribution to both world and your child’s development. Some kids might not find this interesting. You can leverage gamification and give a little present to the one that plants more flowers.

7) Make delicious cookies.

Kids love spending time in the kitchen with their parents. It might get a little bit messy but it is worth the joy! Try to get some help from your kid while cooking this summer. Make a shopping list and buy them together. Prepare the cookies and let the kids taste first! Do not forget to offer some to your neighbours. Enjoy!

8) Learn sign language together.

Sign language is one of the most frequently used languages. This summer can be the best time to learn it for your kids. You can start with Youtube videos or books related. There are branches of sign language. Discover the one that fits you best and start learning! Getting used to a language together will be a lot of fun.

9) Arrange a mini-olympics

  Remember those days we were watching sports people and holding our breaths in the final rounds? You can bring the olympics to your house. You can plan your own race tracks with box games, puzzles and etc. Keep the results in a scoreboard and learn who the leader is. With such mini competitions, your kids can have fun while developing themselves to be a better team member.

10) Prepare a healthy diet bingo.

It is not very interesting for kids to taste new food. In order to change their eating habits, use gamification! Determine 10 fruits & vegetables and put them on a bingo table. You can give them little presents if they can manage to complete the bingo that week. For example, you can go watch their favorite movie or go for a picnic. Try to keep playing this bingo game until it turns into a habit.

BONUS! : Take a breath and do Yoga.

Get your yoga mats ready! With the current trend of going online and sitting for hours, physical activities gain a lot more importance. You can try simple yoga practices with your kids anywhere you want. While relaxing your mind, you make your muscles move. Yoga builds self-conscious individuals and teaches how to live in a peaceful manner. At early ages, yoga’s lessons are exactly what many parents should nurture their kids with.

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