5 Essential Classroom Technologies for Teachers

Technology is in every part of our lives including schools. There are many devices that can enhance the education for students. Such tools make it fun and more engaging for kids to learn while making it easier for teachers to teach and track their lessons. We came up with 5 classroom technologies you can adopt to your own lectures.

1- Smart Boards

The smart board technologies are evolving day by day and they are getting more popular. It is for sure that using smart boards is easier than white boards. With one click, you are able to clean the whole page in one second. The amazing feature that these boards have is the recording. Whatever you write or draw, you are able to record it and send it to your students or keep for yourself. Some boards are even able to turn a digital market line into a tangible visual element. For teachers, these smart boards are incredible tools for an easy, fast and colorful teaching experience. Students also enjoy these digital boards a lot.

2- Tablets, Laptops

The students of the 21st century live with their tablets and laptops. They play games or complete their homeworks with them. Many countries let students use their electronic devices in classrooms. Kids use them in order to take notes or to find the answer of a question that comes to their minds. These portable devices are easy to use compared to carrying 4-5 notebooks. These devices and apps are developed to function better regarding educational purposes.

3- Online Tools

With the growing edtech trends, many online tools are developed to make the classroom experience better. These apps or websites serve gamification to prepare a fun and fruitful learning environment. Quizzes are quite boring for children. You can use Kahoot to enhance competition and enjoy them more! Additionally, it might be tough for kids to ask questions during lectures. Use Google Forms and let them ask their questions anonymously.

4- Cameras

Cameras might be really useful devices for teachers. A camera that records the lesson can give a teacher an idea about how he performs. While teaching, it might not be easy to evaluate which words, which topics or which behaviours attract kids’ attention. A record of the lecture is a good tool for teachers to do self assessment. 

5- Activity Kits

For kids of the Gen Z, reading and writing are not enough to engage with the concepts they learn. They want to discover these concepts with hands-on experiments. The best tool to enhance their learning is to provide them activity kits. For arts, you can buy a small but comprehensive instruments kit or a painting set. The whole class can share and enjoy being the owners of an artwork. For science, you can buy a robotics kit and develop your own cars and robots easily. Twin Science Kits have different options that might appeal to your students’ interests.

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