5 Tips to Learn with Twin in the Classroom

Today, teachers focus on growing kids with a social responsibility to build better futures. Twin is a great tool to integrate into your lectures in order to grow kids with a technology know how and an urge to solve world’s problems. How can you use Twin in classrooms? We came up with 5 tips for you to use Twin as a complementary tool for your ongoing curriculum.

1- Discover science with STEM Quest Show.

Students love learning interesting facts about science. It would be great to learn about these facts in an exciting competition, wouldn’t be? STEM Quest Show is a Youtube show designed by Twin in collaboration with Creative Futures Imperial College London and Royal Academy of Engineering. The shows welcome students from all over the world. It is a one hour of science discussion with interesting and funny facts about science!

2- Design one Twin project for each theme.

Twin Science Kits give kids the opportunity to design many projects from autonomous cars to robots, art projects to flashlights. Divide the classroom into groups and assign a project for each theme of the lecture. Students can develop their soft skills when they are part of a team. They will also learn a lot about science behind the daily technologies while having fun. 

3- Recommend one activity from Twing App everyday.

Twing is a free application designed for kids to discover their talents. The app includes hundreds of experiments and teaches science in the funniest way. With 138 skill set and 6 different character journeys, kids can focus on their favorite fields from robotics to art. You can choose one experiment that fits your topic of the day and recommend your students to complete it. Do not forget to share your experiences in classroom!

4- Let your students design their own game with Twin Code Lab.

Coding might seem tough when you first meet. Twin Code Lab makes it easier for you with block coding experience. It is an online platform that students can use on their desktop. Its simplified features make it fun to learn programming step by step. With coding, students can design thousands of creative projects. You can divide the classroom into groups and ask each group to design their own games. Then, you can play these games all together.

5- Integrate 100 weeks Twin Robotic Curriculum to your lectures.

Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and many more… They look complicated at the beginning but actually they are very easy to develop. The Twin Robotic Curriculum aims to teach daily technologies with connections to daily life challenges. Geliştirdiğimiz Twin setleriyle uyumlu 100 weeks curriculum is compatible with Twin Science Kits. It engages students with basic engineering concepts besides a socially responsible mindset. Your students can upload their codes into Twin Coding Module and create infinite number of projects!

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