6 Must-Have 21st Century Skills For Kids

We are preparing kids for jobs that do not exist yet. We are trying to develop them to solve the problems we do not know yet. According to many researchers and specialists, 21st century skills will bear high importance for future jobs and problems. If you wonder what these skills are, keep reading!

1- Critical Thinking

Critical problems need a critical thinking procedure to be solved. Kids who develop their perspective of approaching the problems this way will easily come up with alternatives. While observation is the starting point of critical thinking, analysis and interpretation are important follow up features. To think critically, they need to set a growth mindset where they develop their problem solving skills. When they get to the decision making part which is the end of this procedure, they will bring up the solutions that will change the world.

2- Creativity

Years ago, we couldn’ t have imagined that we were going to have high technology devices.  So, we want our children to develop such technologies beyond our imagination now. The keystone of this process is to enhance their creativity. Kids should be encouraged to think and create freely. They should be able to bring life whatever they have in their minds. Any creative act is also a form of self-expression.

3- Collaboration

When kids take place in group activities, they learn a lot through collaboration. Especially in these early ages when they are open to inspiration, sharing with each other is critical. Every technology we see around us is a result of a collaborative work. When kids learn how to work with other people in the early ages, they develop an understanding of teamwork. A good team player can achieve the best surely with his team!

4- Communication

A good communication skill is essential for building relationships. Children have a need to be understood besides an urge to understand. This makes communication a fundamental skill for kids to develop. All the steps in life whether it is learning, playing or social interaction need at least minimum level communication. Kids should develop their communication skills in order to express their thoughts better.

5- Technology Literacy

Everything around us is evolving into some kind of digital format. In the 21st century, understanding how these technologies work is one of the most important skills. Kids should nurture themselves with an understanding of the digital world including robots, coding and many more. Because the future will surely be built upon these technological improvements, kids who are competent in these areas will be more successful. It is better to start learning how to code as early as possible. Or, let your kids break devices into pieces to understand how they work. Sorry for the mess!

6- Flexibility

Among all the essential skills, flexibility is the most comprehensive one. When kids are dedicated to a field, it is good that they develop in that area a lot. However, the future is going to be a world that constantly changes. This makes flexibility a golden skill that will help your little ones to adapt to any circumstance. The crises, breakthrough moments and drastic changes in technologies will get more frequent. Kids who can comprehend and react each and every incident easily will surely be the strongest. Teach your kids how not to fall in moments of change. Engage them with the concept of being ready for the future that is coming.

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