7 Back to School Tips for Parents

The holiday season is about to end and we are all going back to school soon. This summer was a little bit different from the previous ones. We all wonder if the school year is also going to be different. This era of uncertainties might be stressing for many parents. In order to help you with it, we came up with 7 tips for back to school season.

Establish a consistent sleep schedule at least 2 weeks prior to school season.

Your kids love sleeping late and waking up late in summer, we know! Waking up early in the school season might cause lack of concentration and lassitude. For a better start to school season, make sure your kids have a consistent sleep schedule at least two weeks prior to the first day of the school. Not all kids like waking up early. Try to leverage gamification in such circumstances. Give him a present for each time he accomplishes to sleep early and wake up early.

2) Give them a hygiene tip each day.

Due to Covid19 wearing a mask, washing hands more frequently and using hand sanitizers have become much more important. With the school season, it might be tough for kids to apply all these tips by themselves and can cause stress. Therefore, tell them one hygiene tip every day with the detailed explanation of its importance. If he finds it difficult to manage, try to go on with gamification! For example, if he wears his mask and pays attention to social distance for one school day, give him a little present to appreciate his effort.

3) Set goals for school together.

School seasons can shift kids’ focus areas due to frequent homeworks and exams. You can set goals together to make sure that they develop themselves in all fields they like. Find goals different than homeworks and exams such as reading 30 books in the first term, designing 10 projects, visiting 5 museums or taking part in a social responsibility project.This way, kids can develop their personality as well as their skills.

4) Prepare a comprehensive shopping list for school.

As the school season gets closer, you may forget some important stuff due to high volume of to do’s. In order to make sure that you purchase everything needed, prepare a comprehensive list of materials. If you do not know how to start, Twin is here for you! We already prepared a back to school shopping list. You can check our shopping list that fits every age group here!

5) Visit your kid’s school together.

If your kid has just started school or changed his school, it might be a good move to visit the school together to swipe the worries away. Meeting his teachers, walking around the school garden and introducing him to authorized people might have an impact on decreasing his anxiety.

6) Meet the teachers before school season.

You as parents might have several concerns these days as well as your kids. The first guide you can consult is surely the teachers. Ask whatever you have in your mind to them and do not hesitate to take their advice.

7) Build a healthy meal plan for your kids.

Chips, burger and pizza! All kids love fast food, don’t they? However, having a healthy diet is crucial for a successful school year for kids. Two weeks prior to school season, get rid of junk food and change your eating habits towards fruits and vegetables. The kids might not enjoy this a lot. You can prepare a healthy diet bingo for each week so that he likes it as much as you do. For each bingo completed, do not forget to congratulate him!

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