Double-Winged Learning

What Does Double-Winged Mean at Twin?

At Twin Science, our quest is to create the change-makers of tomorrow through STEM education. Being double-winged means that children and individuals are: 1) equipped with STEM competencies and 2) develop social and emotional skills with a strong sense of social responsibility. By growing these two wings, kids will be empowered to fly high and have a truly positive impact on our world. We believe that to raise such individuals, we need to make learning fun, engaging and inspiring.

Why Double-Winged?

The fact of the matter is that science is not only a matter of the brain but also a matter of the heart. Along with receiving a STEM education and gaining 21st century skills, kids also need to learn social awareness, understand what responsible decision making is, exercise their conscience, and perhaps most importantly, consider the collective wellbeing of society. For a society to thrive we need individuals that are not just subject matter experts but innovators and thinkers that have a strong conscience so that they can work for the greater good of the society of the planet we live on.

How We Nurture Double-Winged Individuals

Under the umbrella of a meaningful social message, our lesson plans, STEM Kits, and the Twin App cover core scientific concepts while instilling social emotional learning and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into our content. Learning about energy conversion while building a drawing robot and exploring the importance of teamwork is just one example of how we offer a well-integrated experience.

Twin Kits

Our award-winning Twin Kits make hands-on learning fun and simple with magnetic modules that can easily be attached and detached. Children can tinker with the modules and see the impact of their creation right away. The kits encourage children to question, create and problem-solve every step of the way, providing them with a medium to hone their 21st century skills. Inside our kits are dozens of projects aimed at teaching critical skills as well as communicating the importance of conscientious design and innovation.

Twin App

The Twin app offers a unique play experience to children, enabling them to discover their passions and unleash their talents in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as well as the Arts. There are hundreds of fun, hands-on activities and experiments that can be made with simple household items! Activities are designed to improve children’s 21st century skills such as problem solving and creative thinking. There are also many informative and fun animations and videos, followed by fun quizzes and games about a wide range of topics. Children can also play age-appropriate trivia and challenge their peers on Twin! With thousands of kid-friendly questions, Twin offers one of the best trivia experiences out there.

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