How to Improve Analytical Thinking

What is analytical thinking? It is a computer like way to solve analytical problems. Why should we think like computers? How can we foster our kids’ analytical thinking? We will look for answers to these questions in this blog.

What is analytical thinking?

Analytical thinking is built on 4 concepts: abstraction, pattern defining, decomposition and algorithmic thinking. An algorithm is an instruction used frequently in many of the technologies. Algorithmic thinking is also seen in our daily life. “If this happens, then do this” and many other conditional phrases are examples of it. We call the ability to solve problems by ranking the concepts and taking out the irrelevant ones, “analytical thinking”.

How do kids learn analytical thinking?

Lessons like maths might seem tough at the beginning. Analytical thinking might also seem like it requires a wide knowledge of technological devices. Infact, it is an interdisciplinary area that can be learned with sources found in each classroom. For example, books and daily technologies are great tools to enhance your analytic skills. Besides, imagination is the besy way to improve it and no source is required!

You can also learn from 100 Twin Curriculums. You can foster you students’ learning with this curriculum. What else? We have 5 tips for you to use Twin sources in your lectures in our blog.

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