Royal Society for Blind Children London Workshop

“When I first came to this workshop, I was a bit confused, and a bit nervous of what was going to happen. But once I got into it, it was a lot of fun and I made a lot of friends and the races were a lot of fun. The instructions were so straightforward, and it was really easy and fun to do it.” (Visually Impaired Student, RSBC)

At Twin Science, we seek out every opportunity to bridge the education gap in our communities. We wish to close this gap and ensure that all children receive equal educational opportunities by ensuring our products are accessible and that we focus our resources to delivering the latest technologies to the most disadvantaged and underserved kids. Our purpose for doing this is to develop kids of all backgrounds with double wings. The first wing represents strong competences in different subject areas while the second wing denotes highly developed 21st century skills and a strong sense of social responsibility. We hope to accomplish this through delivering a wholesome STEAM education to the coming generations. 

Our workshop with the Royal Society for Blind Children London was focused on delivering advanced, yet fun and engaging educational projects suited to their needs. Our workshop proved to be a success and demonstrated that science has a unifying power. Our team guided students through a number of projects that were accessible and fitted their needs without sacrificing any of the important skill-development aspects of the projects. At the end of the day, we saw that the students were able to design and build autonomous vehicles with our Twin Kits!  

At first, the students seemed to question their ability to build these projects and interact with the technologies in the Twin Kits. With some encouragement and some explanation, however, the students quickly embraced the core goals of our projects and jumped into everything with confidence and excitement. Soon, they were playing with the modules, going beyond guided projects and taking the initiative to discover new creations without much direction needed by our team. Each time they learned a new feature of the technologies, they were encouraged to go further. At the end of the day, students expressed that they were surprised with they accomplished and that they had more confidence to learn about and design new creations. The technology that seemed tough at the beginning was now easy-peasy! 

The workshop’s main focus was to inspire the students to discover how fun they could have when encouraged to go out of their comfort zone and learn new things. We saw that not only did we achieve this, but also our team and RSBC volunteers really enjoyed the workshop a lot. They joined in with the construction of the cars while guiding kids with instructions – we saw this left a lasting impression on the students and volunteers because they were able to make valuable and deep connections by working together. 

“It was fascinating session. I have never done anything like this before while volunteering with RSBC.”  Steve Tomkins (Dedicated Volunteer, RSBC)

What was so encouraging for our team was that the students expressed that besides feeling accomplished for completing their project, they felt that they could use their skills to solve real-life problems outside of confines of the workshop. We actively encouraged the students to reflect on the work they did with our team to ensure they developed a good understanding of the material at hand and to impart the underlying message of leveraging technologies and skills to affect a positive change in the world. 

We truly enjoyed our workshop with the students of the Royal Society for Blind Children London and look forward to working them again, along other education institutions.  

If you want to have a workshop with us at your organization , please send us an email: [email protected]

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