What is the Place of Technology in Education? 

Technology has an important place in education. Because you can benefit from technology in your studies with different materials, different projects and examples, programs, children can understand the subject better. You might think it would be better for children to see them on a subject, but there is no way you can go there, thanks to technology you can make them see photos and videos. With the projects prepared, you can help children learn concepts better. By keeping them under control, you can contribute to their mental development by allowing children to spend time with pcs and other technological devices.

Technology 7 to 70 has a close relationship with everyone. We should think that technology can be beneficial when used for education, as well as its impact on people’s development. Education is the building block of a country. Provides social, political and economic development. A country without education cannot exist. For this reason, the elimination of the deficiencies about the education system is the highest priority in the state policy. Education consists of visual and physical experiences before writing and reading. Pre-school children to paint, to engage in music, play games, social experiences are the basis of education. Doesn’t the fact that technology helps your child to do all these activities with a single tablet computer?

Technological hardware and computer have a very important place in our lives. We handle, learn, organize, share and become aware of many of our businesses. It is impossible to purge our children who are active users. For children in this environment, using these appliances is a simple skill like cooking. In fact, in terms of small muscle skill, turning the page on a tablet computer or on the phone is easier than using scissors, a skill that does not require superior skills. As a perfect buyer, it is easy for children watching the environment to learn how to use the computer, and to keep it in mind because it is colorful and fun, it is easy to remember visually. How, how much and for what technology is used in both the family and school is very important. Technology should be used as a tool that enriches education and promotes personal development through content and practices. The use of technology, which is controlled and limited in a way that does not prevent the development of children’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive and self-care skills at an early age, has educational as well as educational purposes can give positive results.

For the use of technology in the curriculum, it is important that teachers are competent and equipped. Children and young people should be well explained why technological equipment is used in the teaching environment in order to prevent information pollution and unconscious use. It is very important that family, child and school have a common perception about technology. It is seen that the use of computer technologies in education is directly proportional to the level of education. Without the introduction of popular culture material as a commercial tool for the sale of education, the availability of technological equipment in the curriculum will provide a very important diversity. The most important is to provide technology support without forgetting the priorities as we usually do. In summary, not good or bad, the technology in taste technology.

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