Knightsbridge Workshop

“Really excited to see whats going on a Twin Science Workshop. The children are all buzzing. They are all really excited of what they are doing. I think this is the future.” Magoo Giles (Founder & Principal, Knightsbridge School)

In January, 2020 we organized a workshop in cooperation with Knightsbridge School in London. The whole workshop was centered around various fields of STEAM. With students of Knightsbridge School, we designed robotics projects with Twin Science Kits and LEGO. We learned how a self-driving car works and discovered autonomous systems.

What did we do?

We gathered with the brilliant students of Knightsbridge School. We met curious minds which were eager to solve the problems of the world. When kids first learned that they will design an autonomous car, they were a little bit nervous thinking that they cannot manage to build such technology. After the workshop, they couldn’t believe that they designed these cars in a few hours.

Using the Twin Autonomous Car Kit, it is very easy to make your own self-driving car. As groups of 4-5 students, we first discovered the modules and LEGO pieces and understood the science behind their function. Then, we built up the structure of the car with the help of instructions and our intuitions. Each time, we tried if it works and changed the structure accordingly. Kids loved the idea of trial and error. After completing the structure, it was the time for design! Students personalized their cars and put them on the floor. It was a very exciting moment for kids to see that their cars move without crashing anywhere. 

What did we learn?

Besides the technology and the science behind the self driving cars, kids developed an understanding of teamwork. Each member of the group took a significant role in the making of the car. They all valued both their contribution and other members’ contributions to the project. They experienced a sharing culture where they help one another with their best practices. 

The barrier they have in their minds which is the idea that they cannot easily build these high technologies was removed at the end of the day. They were more hopeful to create better technologies for the sake of the world. They discovered how signals, DC motors and ultrasonic sensors work. In addition to this, they practiced coding and learned the basics of programming with Twin Coding Module.

“Coming to Twin Science workshop children are really engaged. They are really enjoying their new STEM activity.” Katie Donkor (Head of Digital Learning, Knightsbridge School)

Both the kids and we as the Twin Science team enjoyed this workshop a lot. We thank Knightsbridge School for their contribution to our goal of spreading the joy of science. We know that these students are going to be the change makers of the future. Hope to see them soon again!

If you want to have a workshop with us at your organization , please send us an email: [email protected]

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