Unboxing and Review Video By Robin’s Fun Playtime

Twin Science has been spreading the joy of science and coding with science sets. Also, we are willing to use social media to encourage kids with challenges and competitions. The more we see the enthusiasm of science in the posts that Twinners share, the more we force each other to develop twin sets.

Today we have a curious ambassador to discover Twin Sets in his own Youtube Channel. Welcome to Robin’s Fun Playtime! If you like toys, games and science experiment, you’ve come to the right place. This is Robin and, he is six years old. He loves creating and doing things together. Also, he enjoys making videos and sharing them with the audience. In videos, you will see him and his daddy do lots of unboxing and toy reviews, gadgets review, fun and educational science experiments and pretend play. They are so excited to start a YouTube video for exploration of Twin Coding and Curiosity Sets.

In this video, Robin is going to unbox and review two of our robotics kits. These kits are compatible with each other and LEGO building blocks. Curiosity kit is the starter kit to STEM and suitable for age group 7 to 12. The Coding kit is suitable for age group 8 to 13 and includes all the essentials for children to grasp the fundamentals of coding and develop programming skills.

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