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Used by 1,250+ schools and 400,000+ children, Twin makes learning playful, individual, and wholesome.
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A complete educational program

Students aged 5-13 grow their confidence, interests, and STEAM skills with Twin.

Twing App
Set, and track, hands-on homework and intelligent quizzes.

Education Kits
Students learn crucial concepts like coding, robotics and AI.

Educational Curriculum
100+ weeks of curriculum-aligned lessons.

Twinner Advanced App
Ideal for more advanced teaching such as AI.

The Twin Code Lab
Introduce creative computing into your classroom!

AI Resources
Step-by-step guides. Interactive content. Simple content summaries.

Live Streaming STEAM
Watch our interactive STEAM Quest Shows live on YouTube.

Read what teachers say about us

“It is really beautifully designed, perfect to hand over to anyone and allowing them to see, touch, learn and play at their own speed. This is aided by practical examples and clear instructions in the booklet. It encapsulates interesting and important knowledge that is often so close to us and yet can feel so foreign.”

Martino, TASIS Elementary School Teacher

Student Projects

Using Twin, students have produced a range of projects to solve real-world problems.

Alert System

Two students designed an alert system to count children on and off the school bus.

Earthquake Safety

This project quickly alerted people to an earthquake using motion detectors.

Autonomous Irrigation

Students created an autonomous irrigation vehicle to support a remote village.

Electric Cars

Using Twin modules, students built an ecological prototype of a Tesla semi-truck.

Why use Twin?

The below stats come from Ipsos’ report on Twin. Download.

Success Stories

Twin works to foster innovation at a young age. Here’s some of our latest work.

Working with the best

We’re proud to support educators in thousands of schools, learning spaces, maker ateliers, and workshops across the world.