10 Toys That Develop Motor Skills and Get Kids Moving

Playing with toys is a great way for kids to have fun and build motor skills. However, many of the toys marketed to kids today are not designed to help them develop motor skills. In addition to lacking in quality, many modern toys are also lacking in design. They often lack basic features that would make playing with these toys more enjoyable and development-oriented. Over the next few paragraphs, you will learn about six simple ways you can develop motor skills with your child’s favorite toys without buying tons of expensive equipment or spending hours at the gym. These tips also take into consideration all different types of play as well as applicable age ranges.

Build with LEGO®

LEGO® is the perfect toy for building motor skills. Not only does it help kids learn how to build shapes and organize large amounts of pieces, but it also has the added benefit of creative expression that comes from creativity and imagination.Kids can build almost any structure they can think of, from vehicles to buildings to sculptures and much more. They can create almost anything they can imagine with LEGO®. However, the more challenging the structure, the more challenges your child will face in building it. Challenging structures help your child develop important motor skills like:- Arranging the right pieces to build the right structure – This skill allows kids to learn how to use a variety of pieces together to create an entire object.- Concentration and patience – This is crucial for creativity and building complex structures. Building a complex structure requires patience and concentration.- Imagination – Building complex structures helps kids develop their imagination skills and creativity.

Make Body Movement Games

Body movement games are a great way to get your child moving both inside and outside the home. There are many different types of games you can play, such as playing catch indoors or outside, creating obstacle courses, or having a “crawl-run” race. These activities help kids develop the following skills:- Coordination – Kids need to learn how to use both arms and legs when moving around. Body movement games help a child develop this crucial skill.- Balance – Body movement games require kids to learn how to stay balanced while moving. This is an important skill that is needed in everyday life.- Speed – Body movement games help kids build their speed and agility.- Strength – Body movement games teach kids how to use their muscles by building strength.- Flexibility – Body movement games help kids develop flexibility by stretching their muscles.

Let Your Child Drive the Vehicle

While it is great to let your child participate in car travel, it is also important to let him or her drive the car. This allows a child to learn how to drive while staying safe. It is important to let your child drive the car responsibly, so they do not endanger other drivers. There are several different ways to let your child drive the vehicle safely.- Let your child participate in car travel. This lets a child learn about the car and the experience of traveling in a car. – Let your child drive the car for short distances on the road. This lets a child practice driving and quickly returns control to the driver if needed. – Let your child drive the car for long distances. This is a great way for a child to get some driving experience, especially if the parent is driving.

Use a Balance Disc

Balance discs are great toys that help develop motor skills and balance. They are also super cheap, making them a great option for any budget! These toys are designed to be used either inside or outside. Inside, they can be used to balance out a sensory area, such as a bathtub, where kids can “touch” the water and learn to identify shapes. Outside, they can be used like a trampoline, where kids can bounce around and work on their balance. The balance disc is great because it can be used for both indoors and outdoors and can be used for a variety of skills.

Play with Shape and Color Sensory Toys

The motor skills that are developed by playing with sensory toys are similar to those that are developed in playing with LEGO®. Both types of toys help your child develop important motor skills, including:- Organization – The most basic skill that is developed by playing with sensory toys is organization. It is necessary for any child to develop this skill so they can maintain and manage their environment.- Fine motor skills – Sensory toys are great for helping kids develop their fine motor skills, which are the movements of the hands and fingers. This includes grasping and typing.- Visual skills – Playing with sensory toys also helps kids develop their visual skills, which is important as they get older. This includes being able to see colors and make sense of shapes.

Use a Sand Table or Bin for Shape and Object Recognition Practice

Shape and object recognition is a great way to build motor skills. It is a skill that is very important in later life, as it helps kids to see shapes and make sense of objects. This skill can be helped with both LEGO® and sand tables. An easy way to build this skill is to create a bin where your child can dump and sort shapes. They can also be used to help your child recognize shapes and objects.

Don’t Forget About crawling and Walking!

While many parents worry about their child’s motor skills when they are young, this is not necessary. In fact, it is important to let your child play and develop their motor skills naturally.It is important to always remember that crawling and walking are important in developing your child’s motor skills. Letting your child crawl and walk as much as they want will allow them to develop their motor skills naturally without worrying about any negative connotations that come with being in a gym or on a track.Crawling and walking are important for motor skills development because your child is developing how to move his or her body in different ways. Crawling and walking are important for motor skills development because your child is developing how to move his or her body in different ways.


When it comes to toys, many modern ones are lacking in design and quality, so it can be tough to find a fun toy that will help your child build motor skills. Fortunately, there are tons of toys that are designed to help your child develop important motor skills. The most important thing to remember when looking for toys that help your child develop motor skills is to buy quality toys that look fun and are designed well.

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