5 Effects of Sleep on Learning

A good sleep is the key to a better learning experience. A poor sleeping schedule may affect your kids’ growth in a highly negative way leading problems in attention span. Why should we care about our children’s sleeping schedule? What happens as a result of a poor sleep? Why is sleep so important to enhace learning. We came up with 5 important points to answer these questions.

1. Proper sleep fosters planning skills.

Lack of sleep may cause damage on brain’s area which is responsible from planning and problem solving. Thus, kids have trouble in figuring out easy tasks or they lose their school materials. They might also find it difficult to prioritize their homeworks. An insufficient amount of sleep also decreases kids’ response time.

2. A poor sleep makes them angry and weak.

Kids’ bodies produce energy to start the next day better while sleeping. If a kid cannot get proper sleep, he might feel frustrated. They might have trouble joining in teamworks and adopting to what is around them. If your kids suffer from such issues for more than 2-4 weeks, consult your doctor.

3. A good sleep increases attention span.

According to researches, lack of sleep cause brain to feel like sleeping while awake. So, kids that cannot get enough sleep may have a decrease in their attention span. They may have trouble in focusing. They have a great tendency to make mistakes or concentrate on something for a period of time.

4. Sleeping enhances memory.

When kids do not get enough sleep, their memory is affected at the first place. A brain that lacks sleep has difficulties on focusing. So, it makes it a lot more difficult to remember new things properly. A poor sleeping schedule might also damage the forming of memories. For example, if a kid learns a new topic at school, he may forget it the next day.

5. Sleep affects creativity.

Creativity is connected to memory and attention. Lack of sleep affects these two as well as creativity negatively. Brain refreshes itself during sleep. A brain that doesn’t do so, cannot produce something new. Thus, you cannot expect a kids who doesn’t get enough sleep to be creative.

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