What Can Be Done To Overcome School Fear in Children?

CAN TERLER | Karaisalı Atatürk Middle School English Teacher

Fear of school is defined as “Resisting school-age child not to go to school, not accepting friends and carrying out behaviors like crying” and according to research, 4 out of 5 children have problems on the first day of school.

Starting school for a child is the first step of entering the social environment outside of his family. According to his/her parents the main reason for the child’s fear of school is leaving him there and not picking him up again. Therefore, some children may develop school phobia. In fact, what is feared is not only the school, but the fear of losing the child’s trust, control, nutrition, approval, protection.

In these children, which we frequently encounter in schools, movements such as loss of interest and energy, irritability, introversion, crying without reason, complaints of headache and abdominal pain can be observed.

What can be done to children who fear this school to overcome this fear?

Children should be given realistic information about the school so that they do not have negative feelings towards the school. Before starting school, the mother can encourage the child to make different friendships. In addition, other family members can share their school experiences with the child.

Family members should be in a common attitude towards going to school and the child should not be allowed not to go to school without any exceptional situation.

It should be emphasized that every mother and father have their own concerns for their children, these concerns will pass over time and what they learn at school is also important to them.

At home, the dependence of the child on the parents should be tried to be reduced, the activitiy he / she finds on his own should be supported, and the toys and games he / she can play alone should be limited.

During this period, their teachers should tell the child that he should come to school and cares about his learning. It should not be forgotten that being unable to do what is taught will cause anxiety for the child and teachers should not be worried about teaching at first. It should be remembered that strict attitude increases problems.

In addition, as much as parents, teachers have a great responsibility during the first period of school. In the first days, instead of starting classes, the school should be introduced. What kind of benefits the school will provide to children should be explained with the cartoons, small plays and theatrical performances that the child will love. In these activities, it should be ensured that children feel responsible for school by assigning duties and taking responsibility.

If the child is afraid or he cried, the reasons for this should be asked in a soft style. Certainly, a sarcastic, dismissive and comparative attitude should not be taken. The child should be told in an appropriate language that the school is not a place to be afraid of. He should be smiling, not glum.

The first days of the school, which has a very important place in the lives of children is needed great crise management skills. In order to overcome this fear of the child in the lightest way, the school should cooperate and work together in cooperation with the family.

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