Towards a Sustainable Future with Compassionate Leaders

The most thrilling part about being in education is to be able to envision the future. We get to ask ourselves big questions such as, “In twenty years, who do we want to see running our governments, institutions or simply our local store? What kind of questions intrigue these people? What concerns do they have?”

Given the problems facing our world right now, we hope that the future generation will be concerned and proactive about the global issues threatening our planet. To tackle these problems, we need individuals who are not just subject-matter experts, but also socially conscious change-makers. This is why, Twin’s vision was clear from the beginning: Raising compassionate and competent individuals who can apply their STEM+A knowledge for the betterment of the planet. These will be “double-winged” individuals, flying freely and confidently with compassion and competence. All of our content is developed with this vision in mind and in heart. 

So, how do we get there? 

Having a vision is great but formulating a system is vital to moving towards that vision with consistency. Our system is our educational approach.

This approach takes its roots back to 2010, when we started out as a social responsibility project and conducted hours of fieldwork with over 20,000 children. The insight we gained during our fieldwork was further developed based on findings in the learning sciences literature and finalised with our planet’s needs in mind. In a lot of ways, our educational approach encompasses everything that traditional schooling is criticised for lacking.

​​Twin provides sustainability & environmental education with STEM kits and apps using a 3P approach:

  • Purpose-driven: By linking its content to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and introducing children to STEM+A solutions, Twin inspires kids to become creative and curious problem-solvers who can think bigger than themselves to tackle the world’s problems.
  • Playful: Twin introduces children to complex concepts using a play-based approach. Through games, interactive videos and hands-on activities, children can learn while having fun and apply their knowledge to real-life situations.
  • Personalised: Whether it’s coding or marine biology, children can find something that excites them on Twin. By tagging each activity with relevant skills and subject areas, Twin tracks children’s interest areas and provides personalised skill reports. 

Given our philosophy, we make sure that the content we produce;

  • Sparks children’s curiosity,
  • Offers hands-on learning experiences,
  • Puts the focus on skill development rather than knowledge acquisition,
  • Promotes sustainability education by covering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Physical Meets the Digital 

In the age of technology, we must use the benefits of technology to enhance children’s learning experiences and broaden their horizons. However, we cannot discount the skills developed by physical experiences. Therefore, the future of education calls for a hybrid approach where physical activities can be enhanced by digital technologies. Twin’s physical STEM kits and digital STEM app are designed to do just that. 

Our physical kits create the perfect playground for kids to test their ideas and put on their innovator hats. Children can upload their hands-on projects to the Twin digital app and share it with a community of enthusiastic learners. The Twin app incorporates hundreds of activities, interactive videos and games designed to engage children and spark their curiosity so that they can learn while having fun. Children get to hear from real-life role models including software developers, marine biologists and polar explorers. This way, screen time turns into an exploration time for kids.

Twenty years from now, we’d like to see a generation of fearless leaders who seek justice and prosperity for all. We take a big step forward towards this vision of tomorrow by educating our children today. Our educational approach is our vehicle and our vision is our guiding star.

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