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Creating Content, Inspiring Minds

Do you want to share ideas for a brighter future with young people? If you are an enthusiastic teacher, scientist, technologist or explorer with a background in either STEM+A or sustainable development, here is an opportunity as a content creator for Twin Science that might be right up your street. The role is both utterly […]

Careers in STEM for Kids | Twin Science

The demand for STEM skills is growing rapidly. Read our article to learn more on STEM careers, examples of best careers in STEM, and their importance. We live in the age of technology and science. Considering the impact of these fields in every part of our lives, STEM-based education for kids gains an extra importance […]

Embracing EdTech, Transforming Teaching

By Dr Meryl Batchelder, middle school teacher in Northumberland, UK and TeachSDG Ambassador. To start, let me make a confession. Even though I’ve been a science teacher for well over a decade, until the pandemic I didn’t really embrace educational technology or ‘EdTech’. The curriculum is busy, I was trying to incorporate more environmental education […]

4 Different Learning Styles for Kids

Experiment and Kids

Human minds are amazingly unique and endowed with unique types of learning styles. Finding out the specific type of learning style of your kids can help you understand their needs and talents. This way, you can offer support throughout their education journey for a healthy development. The idea that there are different types of learners […]

30 Science Facts to Teach Kids

Children and their experiment

Teaching kids fun STEM facts and interesting science facts is a great way to get children excited about science. This offers them an opportunity to obtain brief and memorable information on how the world works and why things are the way they are – from planets to plants, to animals and the human body! In […]

What is Solar Power?

Harness the power of the Sun and join Twing on a fun adventure to help bring electricity back to the island in the Twin App! Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn! Renewable vs. Non Renewable Energy Before we learn about solar energy, we first need to now the term renewable energy! Renewable energy is […]

How do we see Colour?

How do we see Colour? Join Twing on a fun adventure to help bring colour back to the island on the Twin App! Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn! What is Colour? The grass is green, the sky is blue and rainbows are, well, colourful, right? But what exactly are colours? Where do they […]

Same Classroom, Different Century

transcript taken from Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE’s talk – details below In the United Kingdom, we have the National Health Service. It is 70 or so years old. It is probably, one might argue, the United Kingdom’s finest invention. Because it is an organization that is double-winged: It has the head, it has the […]

Schooling: Is it “madness”?

transcript taken from Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE’s talk – details below Einstein’s definition of insanity, which is something like, you continue to do the same thing but expect different outcomes, for me, reflects the story of education over the last two hundred, or perhaps a hundred years. Why (and actually we need again to […]