How Should the Habit of Doing Homework for Students Be Gained?

TAHA MUTLU | Atabey 75. Yıl Middle School Science and Technology Teacher

Children in school age are avoiding doing homework as much as possible. Doing homework becomes challenging for families as well as children. While the children who come home after an intense history want to evaluate their time with activities such as resting and playing, homework is waiting for them to be done. They are also overwhelmed by the fact that parents constantly say “do your homework”


The main purpose of the homeworks is to enable students to spend their time outside the school by acquiring knowledge, and to fulfill their duties independently of parents or another individual by gaining responsibility and order.

When our children return from school, they should not be asked to start doing homework right away. First, a work program for daily activities should be prepared and according to this plan, the rest should be allocated when they return home.

Teachers should also take care that the assignments they give are really useful for the child, worth the time they allocate, refer them to research, are not too long, that children can add something to themselves and lead to creativity. Otherwise, the child can comment, “I already know this, what is the use to me.”


Children should be given the opportunity and supported to do their jobs in order to develop their skills and create a sense of responsibility. Our children should be given duties, and should be given the opportunity to do things right or wrong. Even if it is wrong, that child should do that task so that the awareness of responsibility develops.

The most difficult part of the students is the fact that they do not do their homework of the lesson they love and do not want to do their homework. Homework that is difficult for him can be divided into sections to make it easier to do. As a result, by giving awards, the child can be reinforced in doing homework.

Continuous intervention in children while doing homework causes them to be unable to find solutions when they are left on their own. For this reason, the assistance to be provided to the child should be measured.

And perhaps most importantly, don’t be on TV while your child is doing homework. While he is doing homework, read the book. Spend a certain time of the day on it and let the child see that you are reading a book. If you have decided, continue to practice without stepping back consistently.


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