10 Benefits of Coding for Kids

Many schools started giving coding lessons. We see kids developing programs at the age of 7. We all know coding is the tool to build the future, but how? We have 10 benefits to tell you about coding.

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1- Learn computational thinking.

Computational thinking is one of the 21st century skills necessary. With coding, kids develop cognitive skills and learn how to solve a problem in a structured way like a computer. When they cannot find a solution for the problem, they change their pattern and try again like one does for a code that does not work properly. This way of thinking is important for kids to solve their daily problems or the problems they will face when they grow up. It serves practical ways to approach a problem and handle it.

2- Learn about logic.

The keystone of coding is the logical thinking procedure. Everything has a result and all results are driven by some reasons. For a desired outcome, logic formulates the procedures. All logical statements such as selection, iteration or conditions are included in this process.

3- Discover how things work.

Cause and effect relationship is an important concept to understand how many technologies work. Coding teaches kids this relationship and makes it easier for them to understand how to build such technologies. They can use cause and effect concepts for their own purposes in the future.

4- Learn to motivate yourself.

We all know that codes generally prefer not working at the first trial. You need to go over them in detail and fix the errors to see it work. Kids who discover this trial and error concept while coding are able to adopt this idea better in their lives. They do not give up. Instead, they work harder to understand what doesn’t work and try to fix it.

5- Build the future.

The future jobs will not be the same as the ones we have today. Most of the new jobs will require coding skills. Kids who are engaged with coding at the early ages will understand the future better. They will be the change makers who will build the future. The perspective they develop makes them the A+ talents desired from all the companies and institutions.

6- Think outside the box.

Kids can create projects beyond their imagination with coding. As long as you work on it hard, you can create anything from nothing. This learning encourages kids to go further with coding. This will also foster the overall progress of technology.

7- Exercise creativity.

Kids refer to technology as kind of a magic because it creates things in a fun way. When they spend time on their interests, they get a natural motivation to go further. Learning code increases their creativity span because it serves them infinite resources. Also, when they successfully make a project, they feel the happiness for accomplishment and it boosts their self-confidence.

8- Experience maths.

Coding is the application of all kinds of maths. Kids have the chance to practice what they learn at math classes while designing projects. Coding requires one to understand maths to a good level. Additionally, your math skills will develop a lot while practicing coding. Math expressions built into codes move the program forward.

9- Turn it into a profession.

If your kids are interested in coding, why not turn it into their future job. It is early to decide for them but it is nice to keep it in mind. Coding is one of the most demanded skills of the century. While everything goes digital, more and more coders are needed. Learning a programming language is like a golden ticket that might be kept for any future plan.

10- Discover lifelong passion.

Kids might like coding but not want it to be their full time job. Even in this case, knowing how to code is incredibly important. The future jobs regarding machine learning, data mining or robotics are all somehow related to concepts of programming. Kids who develop an understanding of coding will surely discover many more fields which may later turn into their lifelong passions.

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