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The demand for STEM skills is growing rapidly. Read our article to learn more on STEM careers, examples of best careers in STEM, and their importance.

We live in the age of technology and science. Considering the impact of these fields in every part of our lives, STEM-based education for kids gains an extra importance during these days. STEM education, an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, blends these four highly related and similar fields into one another and turns kids into more versatile, active and practical individuals. The most important thing about STEM is that even though each of the four letters stand for different fields, it is almost impossible to separate these four fields as they work in collaboration with each other. Yet, when it comes to careers, all of these four fields offer many different career options for kids from health to environment, chemistry to engineering. Let’s further explore why choosing a STEM-career is important during these days. 

Why are STEM Careers Important in Today’s World?

Educating children with a well-rounded and powerful STEM-centered education opens doors for many different and highly-demanded career options for them. As STEM subjects occupy such a large domain of our modern lives, the career options that they open are many and still continue to increase every day. STEM careers encourage kids to create, flourish and always be active in not just one, but in many fields. Also, as its importance is a crystal-clear fact in our modern world that is dominated by science and technology, careers in the STEM field are the most highly-demanded career options with an unemployment rate half as high as other non-STEM-related career options. Especially the studies done in the US shows that rather than diminishing, the demand for and growth rate of STEM-related careers will be twice as high as the other non-STEM-related careers in the job market. Setting aside offering a successful career, STEM education also helps to create well-rounded, versatile, practical and critically-thinking individuals who can thrive in any field that they want to specialize, whether it be STEM-related or not. If you want to further encourage your kid to have a STEM-based foundation, see this ¨STEM Starter Kit for Kids¨ offered by Twin to warm up your kid to the world of STEM! 

Having all these pros in our minds, let’s take a look at the list of some of the top STEM careers in each 4 fields.

What are the Top STEM Careers for Kids?

Careers in Science

  1. Molecular Biologist

A molecular biologist examines the genetic functions of humans, animals and plants. Applying scientific methods to these genetic cells, they try to understand the cellular functions of these organisms. Spending most of their time in laboratories, molecular biologists can work in hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Astrophysicist

Combining astronomy and physics together, astrophysics is one of the coolest STEM-jobs in the science field. In simplest terms, an astrophysicist tries to understand our universe through studying planets, stars and other celestial bodies. They can work in observatories, universities and research labs but the coolest place that they can work would definitely be NASA!

  1. Paleontologist

Paleontologists study the fossils that remain from extinct organisms such as dinosaurs. By studying these fossils, they try to make connections with these extinct organisms’ relatives that still survive today. A paleontologist can work in universities, museums, research labs or special governmental projects. 

Careers in Technology

  1. Game developer

With so many video games on the market, the demand for game developers increases every day. A game developer writes codes and designs the asked worlds for video games in different formats like mobile phone apps, computer games or console games. Game developers may mainly work with game companies, but they can also work freelance or found their own companies as well. Twin has a great product that can help kids who are interested in coding to start improving their interest and skills at a very early age. See Twin’s Coding Kit for Kids to educate future game developers!

  1. Graphic designer

Using specific computer programs, graphic designers design the creative materials for many occasions from advertisements to sales. Blending technology and arts in a crafty manner, graphic designers may both work freelance or with agencies or corporate companies. 

  1. Robotics engineer

Fusing technology and engineering together, a robotics engineer designs and develops robots. Being one of the most future-oriented jobs in the market, robotics engineers may work for technology companies, universities or for governmental projects.

Careers in Engineering

  1. Biochemical engineer

Being a highly versatile field, biochemical engineering combines biology, chemistry and engineering together. Using their knowledge of biology and chemistry, biochemical engineers create products and apply their knowledge of engineering for reaching the level of optimum function. They can work in research labs or manufacturing companies.  

  1. Mechatronics engineer

A mechatronics engineer develops products and machines and solves problems that require mechanical or electronics specialties. Being one of the most popular engineering fields today, they can work in many fields like automobile and airline companies. If your kid is interested in fields such as mechanics and electronics, good news, Twin has a wonderful product for you! With Twin’s Autonomous Vehicle Kit for Kids, your kid can have an early experience for what a mechatronics engineer does in the field of engineering! 

  1. Industrial engineer

Industrial engineers work to reach highest efficiency and try to eliminate unproductivity during the producing process of any product. As they don’t necessarily deal with a specific type of product, they can work in many fields from finance to tourism or health to transportation.

Careers in Mathematics

  1. Mathematician

Mathematicians try to understand the magic behind numbers and formulas. In addition to studying already existing theories and principles, they can also come up with their own theories as well. Mathematicians may work in collaboration with other STEM occupations including engineers and scientists, but they may also diverge to different fields like finance, economy or education.

  1. Statistician

Statisticians first collect, then examine and analyze statistical data with the help of mathematical theories. As data can be collected from any field or business and mathematics can be applied to any field these days, statisticians can work in many fields just like mathematicians from academia to private sector.  

  1. Risk Management Specialist

A risk management specialist tries to eliminate financial risks that might put a business or company in danger. Being responsible for coming up with financial solutions or preventions, a risk management specialist can work in many fields, specifically finance and economics, that require monetary counseling and management.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics—these fields will be the founding stones of the future. Considering the lucrative opportunities that the STEM education will bring about in career fields, it is highly important to direct and counsel kids who have an interest in STEM-related fields in the right path and to help them to find the right career path for themselves. 

When it comes to STEM education and raising individuals with a critical and versatile mindset, Twin Blog offers great articles such as ¨Double Winged Learning¨ that emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded education and an article on ¨Using Twin for STEM Education¨  that can help parents integrate STEM into their kids’ education and extracurricular activities. 

Every day, a new field is added to the career options we have listed above and if we succeed in directing kids interested in STEM in the right path, there will never be a shortage to find prospective practitioners for any of these fields.

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