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Pioneering STEM for Sustainability at HundrED Innovation Summit

Stepping into the HundrED Global Collection 2024 as Twin Science & Robotics’ co-founder was more than an honor; it was a moment of reflection on our unwavering mission. Our dedication to intertwining STEAM with sustainability was recognized globally, validating our efforts to prepare young minds for a future where they lead with innovation and compassion. […]

Game-Based Learning Approach in STEM Education

STEM education, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is an essential approach that enhances crucial skills in children. However, motivating and effectively reinforcing knowledge with traditional learning methods can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, in recent years, a game-based learning approach in STEM education has emerged as a solution to make learning more enjoyable and […]

10 Creative Projects by Children Using Twin STEM Kits

Purpose-led STEM education is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, and children can benefit from learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics early on. They can use their STEM skills to build a better and sustainable future. Twin’s STEM For Sustainability approach is built on this philosophy. Twin produced different products to enhance and nurture […]

Back-to-School STEM Activities

The implementation of STEM Education in Schools has become a significant trend to combat today’s global challenges through the combination of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Countries around the world are recognizing the importance of incorporating STEM Education in Schools to equip tomorrow’s workforce with 21st century skills that are in high demand and will […]

Create Content, Inspire Young Minds

Do you want to share ideas for a brighter future with young people? If you are an enthusiastic teacher, scientist, technologist or explorer with a background in either STEM+A or sustainable development, here is an opportunity as a content creator for Twin Science that might be right up your street. The role is both utterly […]

30 Science Facts to Teach Kids

Children and their experiment

Teaching kids fun STEM facts and interesting science facts is a great way to get children excited about science. This offers them an opportunity to obtain brief and memorable information on how the world works and why things are the way they are – from planets to plants, to animals and the human body! In […]

What is Solar Power?

Harness the power of the Sun and join Twing on a fun adventure to help bring electricity back to the island in the Twin App! Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn! Renewable vs. Non Renewable Energy Before we learn about solar energy, we first need to now the term renewable energy! Renewable energy is […]

How to Make a Sun Model

About the Sun The Sun, situated at the heart of our Solar System, radiates light and energy essential for life on Earth. Without the Sun’s potent energy, life as we know it would not exist. Just as Earth is composed of various layers, the Sun also possesses distinct layers, although it’s important to note that […]

How to Make a Newton Disc

What is a Newton Disc? The science behind this DIY will show you how the colours of a Newton’s disc blend together and are merged as a blended white light by our brains and eyes. Sir Isaac Newton famously discovered the colours in white light in an experiment of his when he used two prisms […]

How do we see Colour?

How do we see Colour? Join Twing on a fun adventure to help bring colour back to the island on the Twin App! Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn! What is Colour? The grass is green, the sky is blue and rainbows are, well, colourful, right? But what exactly are colours? Where do they […]