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Children will learn about robotics, science and technology like never before.

What is Twin?

Twin is a STEAM Education kit for children that can be used with LEGO. Using different electronical modules children can build infinite number of projects.

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Why Twin?

Benefits of Twin Science Kits for children

The one thing I love most about Twin Kits is, It gives an opportunity to a child to think freely. Do not restrict them with boundries and give them space to create.

Jessie Kohen

As a future parent, and overgrown kid, I love this product and can see it inspiring in kids a life-long love with tinkering and possibly sparking interest in a career in science and engineering. Aside from this big-picture perspective, these things are just fun!

Leo Hughes

As an engineer and a homeschooling mom, I’m always looking for easy ways to teach my kids about electronics. This kit fits the bill perfectly. My eight year old boy is absolutely in love with his sets. They are all he thinks about, and plays with since he got them

Maive Todson

 Twin Web Coding

Twin Web Coding allows you to start coding from your computer. You can find the Scratch coding language in the Twin Science coding lab. Start now to learn how to code at a young age and implement different projects!

Web Coding


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