8 Summer Activities with Twin

If you want to enjoy this summer with your kids, keep reading! Even though it is holiday time, you can still learn and have fun with your kids. We have 8 different activities for you.

1) Try a new activity everyday with Twing App.

Twing prepares unique journeys including hundreds of activities for kids. They can discover their talents, design infinite number of projects or go for an adventure. With 138 skills and 6 different character journeys, they can develop themselves in their favorite fields. New activities are introduced each week so that they can go beyond their imagination.

2) Code your game together.

Coding might seem a little bit challenging in the beginnig. Twin Code Lab makes it easier for you. Twin Code Lab is a block coding platform that works on computers. It is simple and easy to use for a better learning. You can learn how to code with your kids and design your own creative games as soon as possible!

3) Design a robot that waves hand.

Building a moving robot or a car is exciting for all kids. Making their own projects enhance their curiosity and build self esteem. Twin Science Kits have electronic modules and craft materials with a guidebook with pilot projects. You can design your own robot at home and learn about basic engineering concepts while having fun.

4) Autonomous car racing time!

We know many kids love car auto racing! It would be great to make your own race with the autonomous cars you designed, wouldn’t be? Building an autonomous car might seem tough at the beginning. However, Twin Autonomous Car Kit gives you the opportunity easily design your own car. You can learn coding step by step and control your car with your own codes. First build your own autonomous car then arrange a competition. May the best one win!  Let us know who wins, send us a message on Instagram.

5) Make your artwork with Spin Art project.

Coding, robotics and now it is time for art! Kids have interest in many different fields of art at early ages. It is very important to enhance their interest and give them a space to try. Summer holiday is a great opportunity to discover their artsy souls and combine it with science. Spin Art project is an introduction to robotics. You can design your own piece of art while discovering the science behind it. Buy Robotic Art Kit now and start discovering Spin Art and many more.

6) Design your first cartoon.

We all have at least one favorite animation. Have you ever wondered how it works? Thaumatrope project is the way to it. This summer, you kids can design their own cartoons easily with Robotic Art Kit at home. You just watch and enjoy!

7) Build a fruit piano.

Combine art and science in a very creative way! Choose your favorite fruit: Banana? Apple? Can you make a piano with these fruits? With Twin Coding Kit, kids can design inspiring projects and build their own music instruments. You can learn basic coding and design your own piano with Twin Control Center.

8) Give a secret message to your friends with Morse Code.

A code special for you! Sounds great, right? You can design your Morse Code project with Twin Coding Kit and send a secret message to you peers. By the way, we also have a secret message for your on Twin Curiosity Kit box. Let’s see if you can solve it!

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