8 Tips for Homeschooling

The last school season was a little bit different due to Covid19. Many were closed permanently and online education period started. The next school period is expected to be quite similar. Some schools will prefer a hybrid system that includes both online and in class education and some will only prefer online. These uncertainties might be stressful for many parents. That’s why we came up with 8 tips for a better homeschooling experience.

1. Let your kids give a break if they feel exhausted.

Homeworks are not the favorite things of kids. You may witness that your little ones feel exhausted and bored with the volume of tasks they need to complete. Educational Consultant Tonya Abari suggests to give a couple of days break in such circumstances. These breaks will motivate kids more and they will focus on their future tasks better. This way, you can ensure that your little ones do not lose their interest in school for the whole term.

2. Transform your garden into a classroom!

Did you know that kids who are engaged with nature develop higher self esteem? Forest school learning style is a method that provides active learning in nature for kids. You can find the green spots near to your house and turn them into a classroom where you can discover plants and insects around. Thus, your kids will have less focusing problems and develop better emotional intelligence.

3. The most important lesson: Teach your kids how to overcome challenges.

According to recent research made in China, kids have a tendency to feel anxious more while being homeschooled. In this new education period, encourage your kids to state how they feel and find solutions together. This way they can face exam stress and overcome obstacles occuring due to uncertainties.

4. Do hands-on activities with your kids!

We know that kids love experiments that sparkle and even more: exploding! For each field of science, try to engage the topic with hands-on experiments. This increases their interest towards science while being highly effective to teach them the idea behind it. For many creative experiments, you can check our free app Twing.

5. Make sure to have some “we time”.

It is important to have some time for family bonding as well as developing your kids’ knowledge. Each week, make sure you spend some quality time together and share about yourselves. You can cook together or design projects beyond your imagination.

6. Motivate your kids for teamwork.

Kids can learn how to be a great team member while making projects with their peers. Make sure they enjoy inspiring each other although they can only e-meet.

7. Make homeschooling enjoyable with different online education platforms.

Many education companies serve hundreds of activities and lectures for kids to learn at home. Depending on your kids’ interests and lessons at school, you can join these activities. You can have fun while learning a lot. We searched for 9 supplementary online platforms for you, check them out.

8. Set a learning spot at your home.

A phone ringing or an unexpected sound may shift the kids’ focus. It is important to have a specific spot at home for studying. You can make sure that there are no distracting stuff around such as TV. This way, kids can concentrate on their work better.

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