Twin Privacy Policy


Our Company TWIN Yazılım Mühendislik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Joint Stock Company located in Turkey/İstanbul cares greatly about your privacy. So we designed this Policy to specially inform you on how we gather and use your personal data. We aim to provide all of the necessary information to help you make informed decisions when you use Twin App.

Internet and mobile applications can have serious risks if you are not careful and if you lack knowledge on your rights. Please read this Policy carefully. By this way, you can learn about the risks when you consent to the collection of your personal data, and your important rights related with them. And don’t forget that you guarantee that you are more than 14 years old!(No worries 14 years old counts 😉)

You Got the Power!

You have rights that are protected by law and we have to respect those rights when we process your personal information.

Let’s Start

What is personal data?

It is basically you online! It means, any of your information that can be matched with your name is a personal data!

People can reach your name and your information without you even knowing it. It is pretty scary isn’t it. But, don’t worry. Because our Company will only process the personal data when your parents’ consent or within the legal means.

Keep reading! You will learn a great deal how to avoid others identifying you without your permit.

What information we collect?

We collect quite basic information for you to enjoy and safely use our App. Look at the list below and you will see exactly what information we collect.


When do we collect your personal information?

We collect your name/last name, date of birth, e-mail address, parent’s e-mail address, and their phone number, user name, password when you register to Twin.

The other information of your video, photo and audio recordings are collected during your use of the App.

Why do we collect your personal information?

It is very important for us to provide you a safe and secure environment. So, we do not want anyone who could use the App in harms way to be in the same online environment with you. For this reason we want to identify the people who use our App.

In order to carry out this identification we require everyone to provide their previously mentioned basic identity information.

We also need for you to create a username to be identifiable and have your personal account on the website. Your password is for your own personal access to the App and is only known by you.

Other information we collect from you are, your video, photo, audio recordings. We only want this information for you to join the activities within the App, and only utilize this information for the working of it!

We can only collect the above mentioned personal data of yours only if your parent or legal guardian gives a valid consent or when it is envisaged by the law.

Who we share your personal data with?

We only share your personal data with our hosting server provider in Germany for keep the App running.

Take the Power and Know Your Rights

You have the following rights in relation with your personal data that are being processed by us.

  • Learn if your personal data is being processed
  • Ask for the details of ways and which your personal data are being processed
  • Learn the purposes behind the processing, and ask if your data is being processed with those specific purposes
  • To learn the ways and which your personal data are being transferred
  • To request rectification of their personal data in case they are processed uncomplete or inaccurately, and to request for third parties the personal data are transferred, to be informed on the relevant rectification process
  • To request erasure, destruction, anonymization in case the grounds for personal data processing are disappeared, and the third parties the personal data are transferred, to be informed on the relevant processes
  • To object in the face of negative consequences against the data subject stemming from the personal data to be analyzed by the wholly automated systems.
  • To request damages suffered from unlawful personal data processing, to be compensated