7 Tips to Engage Kids with STEM Learning

Although many jobs will disappear in the future, jobs centered around STEM are expected to get more demand. Thus, STEM learning starts to take a huge part in education both at school and at home. Besides being a composition of science, technology, engineering and maths, STEM resembles a rational growth mindset. We came up with 7 tips to incite passion in your little ones towards this interdisciplinary field.

1- Learn with experiments.

We all know seeing is a hundred times better than reading for learning procedure. In this case, experimenting and learning through experiment results is critical for kids. Whether they fail or succeed in the experiment, make sure they understand the principles behind it. Making connections with real life examples also enhances the active learning period. There are many resources online that you and your little ones can do together. You can grow your own bacteria or make your own lava lamp. You can take a look at Twing App for cool activities to do at home easily and start with your favorites!

2- Visit a museum together.

A trip to understand a historical event or how an invention was made is remarkable for every child’s learning period. Besides the informational service in museums, fun activities created for kids such as painting with Van Gogh or experiencing ancient times with VR encourage active learning. Do not forget to share what inspired you the most in the museum at the end of the trip.

3- Explore tech toys.

We all enjoy making our little ones happy with the toys they like. However, it is important that they develop themselves with these toys while having fun. Toys based on STEM are getting popular each day. The robotics sets or coding modules are available in many stores. Such toys enhance the curiosity of kids while also developing their motor skills. Twin Science Kits might be a good start for kids interested in robotic coding!

4- Learn about STEM role models.

Role models are the best teachers. They do not teach any lectures but their life lessons are inspiring. Discover such STEM role models with your kids and learn about their school life. Seeing that these amazing people such as Edison, Da Vinci from past or Elon Musk from today’s world were also kids once and they failed a lot in the journey that took them there. This way, they can engage with STEM concepts better. You can also encourage them to imagine themselves as the future STEM role models.

5- Go for a walk to discover nature.

There is an infinite amount of knowledge hidden in nature. How a plant grows or why an insect group follows each other are all amazing information for kids to discover. Go for a walk to discover what is around you in the closest park. Try to see the hidden beauties in the forests. Find insects from different families and give them your own names. See which plants prefer living together and understand the concept of mutual relationships in nature.

6- Make a DIY project every week.

21st century is proving that science and art are complements of each other. Da Vinci’s works such as golden ratio is one of the best examples of this great combination. The best way to discover this combination is to build DIY projects. Every week, design a project yourself whether it is about robotics or sewing. Make a quick research to find the best DIY projects that you are interested in and start this week!

7- Join STEM camps.

The best way to engage with STEM is to experience and share it with others. Many foundations organize camps that offer you a week full of STEM activities as well as funny games. Search for a camp that might appeal to your child’s interest areas and get ready to learn science in a collaborative environment. Kids inspire each other while developing their knowledge on related fields of science. It is much more engaging than reading about it on the Internet. Make sure he keeps a camp diary to take notes about every experience he has.

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