Easy Summer Activities For Parents & Kids

The summer holidays are a time for relaxation, however, when it comes to children, relaxation and boredom may come hand in hand. Trying to come up with different tasks to entertain lively children can be highly demanding, so here are some activity ideas that will not only alleviate summer boredom but will also have educational elements to stimulate your child’s love for learning.

1.Sunscreen Art

It is important to use sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh summer sun. As every summer household has heaps of sunscreen lying around, why not use some of it for an easy, scientific art activity!

All you need to do is draw designs on construction paper using sunscreen and leave it out in the sunlight. The suns UV rays will bleach the paper, except the designs made with the sunscreen won’t be affected. This straightforward experiment will leave your child with art pieces that will teach them about how sunscreen works and protects them.

2.Fizzy Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! This delicious summer drink is easy to make, and easy to turn into a fun, simple experiment. All you need is lemon, water, baking soda, a glass, and of course, sugar if you please.

After pouring in equal amounts of lemon juice and water into a cup, stir in a teaspoon of baking soda.

The baking soda reacts with the lemon juice (which is acidic) to form carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles and turns your lemonade into a fizzy drink! This simple chemical reaction is fascinating for kids to witness and leaves you with a delightful drink that will help cool down under the summer sun.

3.Make a Rainbow

Rainbows are typically found in the sky, but what if you could create your own rainbow at home? This hands-on activity will enable you and your kid to make your own beam of colour and will teach your child about sunlight refraction.

To make your own rainbow, you need to get a glass of water and take it to a place with sunlight. Hold the glass of water above a piece of paper and let the sunlight pass through the glass of water. The sunlight will refract (bend) as it passes through the glass of water, which forms a rainbow directly on the piece of paper, as the light separates into the colours of the rainbow. Holding the glass at different heights and angles will also result in different rainbows!

4.Ice Painting

It is easy to overheat under the scorching sun during the summertime, so what better than indulging in an activity that will also help you and your child to cool down!

In order to create ice brushes, you simply have to add some paint and water into an ice tray and let it freeze. You can also add sticks into the cubes to act as handles. Your child will be able to paint away and let their creativity flow, whilst also combatting the heat thanks to the cold ice cubes!

5.Collect and Learn About Seashells

There are thousands of different seashell species around the world, so why not discover some? This activity is easy and accessible, as all you need is a beach nearby and some curiosity!

Taking a stroll on a sandy beach is a calming bonding experience for parents and their kids and initiating a seashell hunt adds a thrilling element that will engage and entice children. After gathering a collection of seashells, research can be done on identifying the species of each shell, which turns this beach activity into an educational affair!

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