How to manage the parent-teacher relationship?

How do you think it would be if you had to go to school with a mask on your face in your childhood? Probably most of you will answer this with a clear “No.”. Just like you imagine, kids can be sad and nervous about the new normal period. Making sure that they can get through this period properly, parent-teacher relationships are crucial.

Understand each other’s perspectives of education

It might be tough for parents to start school this year. The risk of getting the disease and concerns about their children’s growth might be issues that take their time a lot. Such questions directed to teacher might also keep you busy for hours.

For teachers, a similar situation is valid. They did not know what a pandemic is when they were younger. It is a new experince for them as well parents. Besides, we know that they all missed their students a lot. They miss you too!

Now, it is time to cooperate in order to get through this situation as well as possible. The main idea is to understand how both parties think about the hybrid education system. This way, you can make sure that kids get the proper education besides developing themselves. We came up with 10 suggestions to guide you on this journey.

What can you do as a parent?

  • Share the information about your kid with his teachers.
  • Clearly state how you have been through the online education period. Tell them what you failed at.
  • Express how your kids seem to feel with online exams and homeworksç
  • Share your concerns about the whole period with them.
  • Never forget to make sure that you appreciate and respect the efforts of the teacher 🙂 

What can you do as a teacher?

  • Ask the families and students about their concerns.
  • Share your experiences with them. Tell them what worked before and what didn’t.
  • Inform the parents with the true information you get from government officials.
  • Share online platforms that can encourage kids’ mental and emotional development with them.
  • Make sure you appreciate parents’ contributions to understand and help during this period.

You will go through a unique journey that no one has been before. Try to understand that it’s in your hands to make the most of it. Get as much learning from this period as possible. Twin is always here to guide you in good times and bad times. You can have a look at Twin Science Kits to add up a little bit of color to your homeschooling!

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