Healthy Development Tips for Kids

Each kid has a unique personality and they all follow different journeys for learning. However, their developments are similar in some parts. They all walk first then run! We came up with several tips that fit every age group for you. Remember not to compare kids with one another. This might demotivate them for their own interests since each kid is special in his/her own journey.


Let them make friends!

At the ages of 5-7, kids discover social groups and communication. Friendships gain high importance at this time of the development. They can discover what it means to be alone. Especially if they go to kindergarten they might experience this more than the other kids.

Boost their self confidence.

You can teach them how to take responsibilities by giving them small tasks. They can take the trash out or carry the keys when you go out. This way, they can have a high self esteem and grow up to be responsible adults.

Increase their attention span.

All these devices around them might have a negative impact on their focus. In order to increase their concentration span, you can develop games for memory or mathematics together. It is also nice to have a limit for electronic devices. 

Let them run, let them jump!

Kids have a great energy at these ages. Do not put a barrier on their way of expressing their excitement. It is beneficial for them to do exercises at these ages for a healthy development. It might be tough to find areas to do sports in big cities. You can arrange weekly walks in such cases. 

Improve their sleeping schedule.

Sleep has a great impact on healthy development of your kids. Make sure that they go to bed early so that they can get up early and have energy to start the day next morning. 

Primary School

Encourage them to read more.

Your kids will learn how to read between 7-10. Maybe, they already learned it. It might be confusing to learn how to write and how to spell words. The best way to enhance this process is to read books. You can arrange reading hours every day as a family so that kids turn it into a habit at the early ages.

Help them discover themselves.

At these stages of life, your kids get to know more and more people. Friends are important to build an identity and feel belonging. Make sure to guide them softly these times. You can discover Twing for them to understand their area of interests. Twing is a free mobile application that serves hundreds of activities for kids to discover themselves.

Tell them rules with reasons.

As kids grow up, they learn the rules of society and how to implement them. At these times explain the idea behind each rule so that they understand why they need to obey these rules. This way, they can grow up to great citizens contributing to the world.

Middle School

Guide them during puberty.

Puberty makes a lot of changes physically and mentally in kids. Their perspectives of life develop at this stage and they start questioning abstract concepts such as love, faith and the meaning of life. You can guide them during these severe changes. Teach them how to cope with emotional up and downs. 

Get a hobby.

Hobbies are beneficial for locating their energy and improving their attention span. Learn together what they like whether it is sports or arts. Having a hobby to spend some time on will surely help them relax.


This stage is where the kids have emotional changes quickly with the start of puberty. Make sure you listen to their problems and stories. Provide them a medium where they can ask any question they have to you. Sharing is caring.

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